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Betty Irabor Reveals Her Long Battle With Depression For 8 Years

Betty Irabor Reveals Her Long Battle With Depression For 8 Years

She’s considered a survivor today. Genevieve Magazine publisher and mental health advocate, Betty Irabor took to Twitter to reveal her that she was in a battle with depression for 8 years. She also recounted some of the challenges she faced during those 8 years.

The 63-year-old media personality and mother of three recalled being hounded until she was ashamed to go out because many thought she was on a death diet. She also disclosed that she was called “anorexic and snobbish” because she lost the ability to socialize thereafter.

Betty further revealed that she’s been out of that hole for 5 years and has shared her experience in her book “Dust to Dew”. Mrs. Irabor used the medium to appreciate everyone who stood by her during those difficult times.

She tweeted;

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”When I was battling depression & lost weight, many thought I was on a death diet & hounded me till I was ashamed to go out. A News Daily called me Anorexic. I got labelled “Snobbish” cos I lost every ability to socialize….Hmm Things are never what they seem. Let’s be guided.

My battle with depression lasted 8 years. I have been out of that dark hole for some 5 years now & I wrote a book on my experience. I am fantastic thanks to my family especially hubby, God & my therapists. There’s a lot of self effort required on the journey to recovery.”

She’s battled it and she’s won, she shared, and you too can win.

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