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Here’s How Criticism Can Benefit Your Marriage According To Relationship Expert, Elizabeth Badejo

Here’s How Criticism Can Benefit Your Marriage According To Relationship Expert, Elizabeth Badejo

The word “criticism” is not a word most couples want to relate with in their marriage as it is often connected with negative practices of gauging a partner’s faults which often lead to provocation when not done with good intentions. However, on the contrary, criticism can also be exploited in a positive approach to change the narratives of a negative tendency.

Whether you like it or not, you will face criticism at one time or another in your lives and marriage is not an exception. In marriage, there will be several disagreements either with your spouse or extended family members and your reaction will determine how well you are prepared to take responsibility for your own failings.

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Criticism keeps your marriage grounded

Some degree of criticism is healthy in a good marriage to put checks and balances in place. Nevertheless, such criticism must be constructive and given with the good intention to express a persistent problem and to facilitate a change. Someone once said that there is no smoke without fire, therefore understanding your spouse’s characters and their triggers can help you use criticism in a more fruitful way in your marriage.

Criticism can play out as a deliberate effort to point out each other’s mistakes and a friendly argument is healthy in a good marriage especially when this is done within the context of love and understanding. It can also keep your marriage grounded.

Criticism is a learning curve in marriage

Many couples compare marriage to a school where you undertake many different roles and specific obligations which may not necessarily conform with your own principles. Your differences will become more obvious as your marriage begins to expose your imperfections, and this is the time when criticism sets in to further make things complicated if you or your spouse is not willing to see the positives.

Criticism can be a learning experience in marriage when you both understand the negative impacts it can have on your relationship especially if your intention is to humiliate, diminish and undermine your significant other.

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Honest criticism in marriage on the other hand allows you to give honest advice and learn the sincerest way to support your spouse who may feel a little low afterwards. Criticism does not only provide the opportunity to review your mistakes. But also to improve on your communication with your spouse as you both become mindful of helping each other right the wrongs from the past.

Criticism changes your perspectives

Couples who accept criticism as a way of life in their marriage are more likely to enjoy a stress-free relationship. Life is less complicated when you begin to change your perspectives and acknowledge your spouse’s opinions in the first instance without feeling challenged. Sometimes, it can become impossible to get your spouse on the same page and you will have to step forward to carry the responsibility of staying focused to change your views on things that once defied your marriage.

Criticism often comes with a message of change when it is accepted and well absorbed; it is only when it is viewed as a productive conversation rather than a setback that you can both truly understand its objectives as well as work together to change the chronicles of criticism in your marital relationship.

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