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5 Reasons To Give Love Another Chance In A Struggling Marriage

5 Reasons To Give Love Another Chance In A Struggling Marriage

Life comes with many challenges and changes; everything has its own time and season, there is time to “love and time to hate, a time for war and time for peace.” Like in marriage, there are good and bad times and how you and your spouse navigate the difficult times together will determine whether you are selfish or selfless about your marriage.

Many couples struggle to keep up with the changes and demands their marriages have imposed on them through their journeys, while others commit their time to ensuring that their marriages succeed by learning how to control the threats.

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Marriage counsellor, Elizabeth Badejo explains that even though there is no justification for staying in a miserable marriage with a miserable spouse just to observe status quo; you should think about some good reasons to give love a chance again in your marriage.

1. Love opens your mind

Love is a journey of self-discovery and it can take two to explore the expedition together. One of the first steps towards loving again is through the process of evaluation. If love is patient, it is only right to say that you can love again and open your mind to realise your own flaws and the effects they may have on your spouse and marriage.

2. Love builds resilience

Many couples are struggling in their marriages today because they have completely forgotten to look back and appreciate how far they have come and the sacrifices they had to make to get to where they are. It was only through yesterday resilience that you were both able to get through the threats to your marriage. Loving again this time will give you the freedom to make better choices.

3. Love remembers  the past

Remember why you married your spouses in the first place and all the great qualities you admired in them. Even though they may have lost some of the sparkle over the years, they certainly have not lost the will to shine again when they get another chance to experience love again. It will amaze you to note that all it requires many times is having the right mindset and acknowledging the reason you still love your spouses.

4. Love eliminates loneliness

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The challenges of living today have continued to separate many couples in pursuit of a good life for their families and sometimes leaving little or no room for intimacy in marriages.

This situation often results to couple living in isolation even though they live together but as strangers which can bring loneliness and resentment. When you give love a chance again, you will understand the importance of companionship and begin to make necessary adjustments to take your marriage back from loneliness.

5. Love sees possibilities

This is no couples out there whose marriage is picture-perfect and those who you think are perfect couples have only learned to keep their own challenges at bay and discover ways to work through their daily obstacles too.

True love is expressed in everyday actions where there are no unrealistic demands. It is therefore important that you feel one another’s pains even when you do not always agree or understand each other. When you decide to give love a chance in your marriage, everything changes, and you will begin to see the possibilities of a better future together.

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