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Why Nigerian Parents & Teachers Should Expose Children To Artificial Intelligence Sooner – Expert, Olusola Amusan

Why Nigerian Parents & Teachers Should Expose Children To Artificial Intelligence Sooner – Expert, Olusola Amusan

Artificial Intelligence expert, Mr. Olusola Amusan, has urged parents and teachers to expose children to the learning of Artificial Intelligence.

Amusan, in an interview with a Punch correspondent, said it was unfortunate that Nigeria had not developed strategies to become a power player in artificial intelligence.

“As someone passionate about education, I believe the best place to start the teaching of artificial intelligence is where our children are formed.

They are tomorrow’s leaders, and their early ideas set their values and form their aspirations.

As the cradle of learning, our elementary schools should get the most funding, the most priority, while the teachers should get the most training and commensurate reward.

Amusan said.

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He continued to say:

“The possibilities that existed 10 years ago within confines of how countries can reorganise to shape the industry is now exponentially increased by technologies like IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and 3-D Manufacturing.

How all of these connect to impact on the future of our workforce is a necessary symposium discussion,”

He added that the learning of Artificial Intelligence was needed to develop the country.

“Today our society requires re-organisation in a manner beyond what the steam engines or automobile assembly lines required.

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For most sub-Saharan African countries, the struggle is in producing what we consume and consuming what we produce.

Nigerians must, therefore, prioritise the learning of artificial intelligence to meet up with the rest of the world.

“Efforts that exist in educating the Nigerian workforce are mostly private sector-led and have little or no support or strategic involvement from the government.

Industrialisation in the 21st century now goes beyond the manner in which the first and second revolution took place.

Heavy machinery is replaced by smart and intelligent machines,”

Amusan said.

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