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Marriage Coach, Elizabeth Badejo Lists 4 Reasons Why Cutting People Off After Your Marriage Can Ruin Your Home

Marriage Coach, Elizabeth Badejo Lists 4 Reasons Why Cutting People Off After Your Marriage Can Ruin Your Home

Marriage is unpredictable and certainly not the antidote for the different challenges couples are likely to encounter in their marital journeys. Many people make the mistake by assuming that once they get married, only their spouses’ matters and gradually begin to turn their back against the world.

For some, it is intended to keep their families away from interfering in their marriage and for others, it is their belief that once you get married, you become one entity.

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Perhaps, you or your spouse are in a similar situation because you have isolated yourselves from your loved ones and now finding it tough to continue to live with the fallacy you created in your marriage.

Here are four reasons why isolating yourself from others could ruin your marriage according to expert, Elizabeth Badejo:

1.Lack of gratitude

Families and friends are  critical in every healthy marriage and like your partner, they also have a place in your life and play a huge role too. You must also remember that you were once an individual and your live depended on others for survival then. In your efforts to isolate yourself from people, you may be running away from those who can add value to your life and marriage. Your marriage was not consummated in isolation, families and your loved ones made it happen and erasing all those memories can be termed as ungrateful.

2. It can trigger abuse  

The truth is that if your partner is all that is important in your life at present because you have decided to shut everyone else out, he or she certainly will not be able to satisfy all your emotional needs especially if your needs have become too complex due to your situation.

In their attempt to juggle your condition with their demanding life outside the marriage, they may become controlling and begin to take their frustrations out on you. Sometimes, domestic abuse in marriage can be triggered by situations which could have been prevented if one person took the needful step to cry out.

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3. You become vulnerable

Marriage is meant to increase and not to decrease you, families are everything both nuclear and extended. They are the rock of every marriage and if you understand their role, you will no longer have a reason to carry your problems alone. In a healthy marriage, the couple makes allowance for their loved ones to build a support network around them so that you know there are people out there looking out for their best interest.

When you isolate yourself from those who care about you, you may become gullible and susceptible to other addictions to replace them in your life and this can impact negatively on your health and well-being too. Only a woman who is emotionally stable can truly enjoy her marriage.

4. It silences you

Unfortunately, many people have found themselves lonely and depressed in their marriages today as they are isolating from people they ought to seek support from.
The familiar trend of not speaking out when you are in a dark place in your marriage and knowing that all odds are against you can certainly ruin that marriage you are desperately trying to save.
The truth is that if you do not seek help for something as important as your marriage, you may also miss the opportunity to take control of other problems that may creep up in your failing marriage.

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