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Single Mum, Juliet Mazagwu (Afrocandy) Shares On Raising Her Daughters Right Despite Her Own Unusual Career Path

Single Mum, Juliet Mazagwu (Afrocandy) Shares On Raising Her Daughters Right Despite Her Own Unusual Career Path

Singer, model, and adult entertainment star, Juliet Mazagwu, aka Afrocandy, has said that she did not work so hard at her career only for her children to be like her.

She maintained that though her children were aware of what she did, they had their lives to live.

She told Saturday beats,

“Sometimes, my children are behind the camera, helping me with my recordings. However, my daughters have their own lives and careers.

They are not trying to be like me; never! They love and support me 100 per cent and help me in ways such as taking pictures and videos for social media.

I made my sacrifices to raise them well, so they can have better futures than me. I did not sacrifice for them to be like me.”

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Speaking on some of the challenges she faced as a single mother, Afrocandy said,

“It has been years since I faced challenges as a single mother because my daughters are grown now.

My first daughter has graduated from the university and is working while her younger sister is still in the university.

I love my single life and space at this time of my life.

I have suffered so much and I don’t need stress from any man.”

The controversial entertainer also stated that some people criticise her on social media only to go behind to beg her to take them to the United States of America where she resides. She added,

“As you are aware, I get so much hate and criticism on the Internet.

Unfortunately, many of those same people also beg me for money or some kind of help.

Some even beg me to bring them to America.

What they don’t know is that I read their comments and most times, I reply them with screenshots of their (negative) comments.

Then, they start recanting what they said, claiming they did not mean it and were just trying to get my attention.”

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Mazagwu admitted that some of the negative comments make her feel bad.

“Sometimes, I feel bad and sad because I am human, and I have blood running through my veins. The only good thing is they also motivate me to forge ahead,”

she said.

The actress also stated that she was happy that more people were now uninhibited to act porn in Nigeria. She said,

“The porn industry in Nigeria, as far as I can see, is coming up.

Many people now have the courage to come out, not minding what their friends or families would say or think.

I am happy to say I opened that door for them, even though nobody gives me credit. But, it is alright.

We shall count the miles of this race some day.”

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