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British Model, Iskra Lawrence Gets Honest About Postpartum Menstruation Experience

British Model, Iskra Lawrence Gets Honest About Postpartum Menstruation Experience

30-year-old model and new mom, Iskra Lawrence is getting candid about her postpartum period.

The yummy mom to a 10-month-old baby boy with partner, Philip Payne, took to Instagram on Wednesday to share her unfiltered experience menstruating again after giving birth in April.

“Basically no such thing as [too much information] here…so here I am on my third period postpartum loving on my body unapologetically,”

Lawrence captioned an Instagram Reel video showing off her “period bloat,” explaining that she was “anxious and dreading what my first period would be like after birth.”

The drastic range that other women provided when advising Lawrence on when to expect her period didn’t seem to help. She wrote:

“Some people said it was 6 weeks, 3 months or some said it took 2 years, soooo that was reassuring.”

Even when the model started menstruating again, she explains that neither its timing nor her symptoms were regular.

“The period pains, cramps, tiredness HIT,” she said of her second period. “Took me out for about 3 days (I’m sure you can relate) then this month I was 2 weeks late and got worried all over again.”

Turns out breastfeeding and pumping — subjects she’s also been open about on social media – may have been the reason that Lawrence’s period was irregular. She once shared:

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”Let’s just get to the point. Breastfeeding is hard af!
?Link in my bio to the full video?

And it’s not ok that so much pressure is put on women to be able to do it. Or that you won’t have the same connection if you can’t breastfeed – that is BS.

It’s not “breast is best” it’s “fed is best”.

As I shared before my milk supply dropped completely and it was awful. A screaming hungry baby and I was a sobbing mess.

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I wish I wouldn’t have put so much pressure on myself surrounding breast feeding.

I wish I had a formula ready that my baby liked, and not been afraid of using it.
When I tried supplementing with formula it really was the biggest relief and will happily do it whenever we need to.

So this video is me sharing the positions that have worked for us – best latching and most comfortable.”

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Just like many of her other body positive posts, Lawrence explained her intention to share her experience for the sake of being relatable to women going through the same things.

“I guess I’m sharing this to [normalize] and celebrate all our bodies go through and to remind you and your body you’re incredible!” she wrote. “And hoping you give yourself some love today too.”

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