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Twitter User, Ebele, Narrates Her Vivid Childhood Sexual Abuse To Alert Parents

Twitter User, Ebele, Narrates Her Vivid Childhood Sexual Abuse To Alert Parents

Every year millions of under-aged girls and boys suffer sexual abuse in their childhood. Most times the child won’t understand that what’s happening to them is abuse.

They may not even understand that it’s wrong at that tender age but as they grow older, they understand. While some report their abuser, some keep quiet about it for the fear of not being condemned.

A Nigerian lady has written to parents and guardians to be watchful and mindful of their kids as she recounted how she was introduced to lesbianism at the age of 7 or 8.

According to the twitter user, @ebeletheservant, her struggle with masturbation and pornography also began at that age as her parents will let her play in the compound unsupervised with their neighbours’ kids. It all started with the normal mummy and daddy plays. The play later extended to under sheets where they started touching one another inappropriately.

She tweeted;

”My first introduction to lesbianism was when I was 7 or 8. It was with the neighbour’s kids. It first started with the normal “mummy and daddy” plays and before we knew it, we were getting under sheets and touching ourselves inappropriately.

This was also how my struggle with masturbation and pornography began. Our parents would let us play with the kids in the compound and, as long as there were no physical injuries or anything of that sort, they let us play “unsupervised.”

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They were probably thinking “they are just children. What harm could possibly be done?” I do not blame them at all. Because when they were young like we were at that age, the only kinds of play they knew involved stones, catapults, singing etc. No one was getting under sheets.

But things are not that way anymore. It hurts my heart to say that it is a RARE thing to find an ‘innocent’ six year old. And I can say this because I had the privilege to teach both primary and secondary school children for a number of years.

You need to hear some of the things these children say. You would be shocked at some of the things they know. The devil is really working overtime, and he’s very particular about children. If he can catch them young then he can control what kind of adults they become.

I want parents and guardians (teachers inclusive) to be very mindful of the children in their care. Be very watchful. Don’t just send them out to play because they’re making noise and you want to be alone. Go out often and observe. Ask them questions about their play.

Be interested in them. Don’t always say “I’m tired” whenever they invite you to join them to play. Join them sometimes. Find out what kind of languages they use when they play. Observe their body movements and how they interact with one another.

If you notice anything that causes you to raise your eyebrows, don’t just write it off and say, “they’re just children. It doesn’t mean anything.” Correct IMMEDIATELY. And most importantly, pray for these children. I mean it. Your prayers will get to places your eyes won’t.

May God give us the wisdom we need to be proper stewards.”

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