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Expectant Mom And Actress, Lala Akindoju Takes Us Through Her Pregnancy Journey With These Beautiful Photos

Expectant Mom And Actress, Lala Akindoju Takes Us Through Her Pregnancy Journey With These Beautiful Photos

Nollywood actress, Kemi Lala Akindoju recently announced that she is expecting her first child with popular chef husband, Gbubemi Fregene and the congratulations have not stopped pouring in.

The journey through pregnancy holds varying emotions for different moms. Some exciting, some sweet, some excruciating, … but in all, whatever your pregnancy journey, it’s always beautiful to share because sharing could be therapeutic for you.

To show us her pregnancy journey which was kept a secret until the recent big announcement, Lala shared some photos on Instagram, of herself from when she was 18 weeks pregnant till she was 27 weeks pregnant.

Although she had initially shared some photos of her 18 months old pregnant self from a different “angle” which concealed her bump, the expectant mom wants to take you through her pregnancy journey with these cute photos.

She wrote in her caption:

A quick time-lapse!
Picture 1: 20 weeks pregnant
Picture 2: 20 weeks pregnant
Picture 3: 25 weeks pregnant
Picture 4: 27 weeks pregnant
Pictures 5,6 and 7 are all 18 weeks pregnant but a different “angle” from when I shared photos from same day initially.”

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She continues in another post:

”Yes, I took pictures almost every week and I was very intentional about documenting my journey. I stressed my friends and family sha! Special thanks to all my photographers and videographers.
Whilst I didn’t really add weight, I had a STOMACH & A MASSIVE BELLY BUTTON. Staying active became tough, but a your gurl be moving those feet by force.
Picture 1: 31 weeks pregnant
Picture 2: 31 weeks pregnant
Picture 3: 32 weeks pregnant
Picture 4: 33 weeks pregnant
Picture 5: 34 weeks pregnant
Picture 6: 34 weeks pregnant
Picture 7: 36 weeks pregnant
Picture 8: 37 weeks pregnant
Pictures 9 & 10: 38 weeks pregnant
Watch my stories for more pictures and videos. I have been making videos every second ???.
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18 weeks pregnant

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20 weeks pregnant

25 weeks pregnant

27 weeks pregnant

31 weeks pregnant

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32 weeks pregnant

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34 weeks pregnant

36 weeks pregnant

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38 weeks pregnant

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