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Why You Should Stop Punishing Men With Rape Accusations -Psychotherapist, Dedoyin Ajayi Writes To Women

Why You Should Stop Punishing Men With Rape Accusations -Psychotherapist, Dedoyin Ajayi Writes To Women

Although women are regular victims of rape and sexual harassment, there is ample argument about false accusations that put men in life-threatening situations.

Being wrongfully accused of criminal offences like rape can lead to serious negative consequences to those wrongfully accused and their families in whole.

The psychological consequences of wrongful accusations of rape appear to affect the lives of those accused seriously, even after exoneration or overturning of convictions.

A Nigerian psychotherapist with a specialty in Emotional Health, Dedoyin Ajayi, took to Twitter to shed more light on the issue and why women should stop punishing men with rape accusations.

According to Dedoyin, she had a session with a guy who had been wrongfully accused of rape and here’s what she got from the session:

”I just had a session with a guy who had been wrongly accused of rape. His reputation was damaged, lost his job and the lady eventually came back to apologize. The anguish in his voice was unmistakable. Please stop punishing men with rape accusations! They have feelings too!

Wrong rape accusations can induce high blood pressure, insomnia, nightmares, job loss, eating disorders, loneliness and depression. Some of these guys actually become suicidal… The social media craze might die down, but the pain remains.”

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Here’s another sad story of a 43-year-old Vishnu Tiwari who returned home after serving 20 years in jail to find his family gone and his life in ruins.

The real tragedy lies in the fact that Tiwari spent 20 years behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit. According to Tiwari, the investigating officer had filed a false report of a rape that led to his arrest.

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