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Dear MIMsters: My Husband Abandoned Me With Our Son But This Is All I Want From Him

Dear MIMsters: My Husband Abandoned Me With Our Son But This Is All I Want From Him

My husband abandoned me with our son while I was at work. We’ve been married for almost 3 and half years. He carted away some of the properties that are mine such as mattresses, fridge, pots, a set of wine glass. I had bought them while I was a spinster and living alone.

He also took away some appliances (blender and rice cooker) which were given to us as wedding gifts. He later sent me a text that he has moved on with his life and I shouldn’t come to his place of work. He said he will always send whatever our son needs and his school fees.

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I actually let him be because I was tired of making him do his responsibilities as a husband and father. He never paid rents, school fees, for foodstuffs and other bills).

I was doing everything even though he was working with a good company and spending his money on side chic. I confronted him about this so severally but it led to domestic violence and I had to report to human rights 2 years ago where they made him write an undertaken but it didn’t stop.

You will ask if his parents are not aware but they are. My parents had tried to intervene many times. They called for meetings with his parents but they never showed up. My dad always told them what happened so they are aware of the urgency of the matter. But his father ends up insulting my dad and much more.

Now, he left us just as our rent expired in January. I had no money to pay as I am a teacher and I didn’t earn enough money last year due to covid 19 lockdown. The landlord wanted to renovate the house, so we had to move.

My son and I were rendered homeless. We started squatting here and there. We even slept in the classroom at school at some point. My son became really ill that he convulsed. I had to call his father to assist with the hospital bill. He blamed me for allowing the boy fall ill pretending not to know what had happened to us. After paying the bills, he disappeared again.

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I had to keep calling him every time to pay for the child’s upkeep but he gets aggressive and there’s always a lady’s voice at the background whenever he’s not at work. He finally sends 2k or 3k. He told me he can’t pay our son’s school fees because he has paid hospital bills.

I am really tired of going through this. I just got an apartment with the help of my parents and siblings coupled with some loan I got. I really need him to be up to his responsibilities without having to call him every time and go through so much drama. So my question is, where can I find a child welfare office on Lagos Island, precisely Lekki-Epe axis that can make him take up his child support?

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