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Family Life Coach, Bisi Adewale Identifies 6 Factors That May Make A Child Susceptible To Sexual Abuse

Family Life Coach, Bisi Adewale Identifies 6 Factors That May Make A Child Susceptible To Sexual Abuse

The menace of child sexual abuse is reaching a height and all parents should know the factors that can lead to the possibility of a child being sexually abused as well as educate their wards on the increasing dangers of child sexual abuse out there.

There are many factors that may make a child susceptible to sex abuse, but some factors greatly increase the risk to children and make them more vulnerable to abuse.

They can be found in the background of parents, in the environmental situation and in attributes of the child themselves. These factors can make a predator to suddenly see the opportunity to abuse a child and continue it for long without being noticed at all.

Parenting, Marriage & Family Life Coach, Bisi Adewale listed the factors below…

Background Factors

The background of a child can greatly contribute to the risk of abuse, some of which are:

• The child is surrounded by those that have been abused as children

• The child has been abused before and he has not told anybody about it

• The child has been exposed to pornography or sexual acts of others

• The child has seen his or her parents having sex

• The child has watched sexual films before

• The child listens to sexual music often.

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Parental Factors

• Parent or step-parents has already abused a child

• Pregnancy was not wanted, so no real love for the child

• Parent has a background of abuse when growing up

• Young, unsupported mother often with low education

• Parents are in a very bitter marriage

• Parents are facing divorce

• Parents show no love to the child

• Parents spend less time with the child

• Parents find it hard to provide for the child

• Parents are fond of leaving the child with just anybody

• Parents are fond of isolating the child making the child to feel lonely and alone

• Parents have no knowledge of parenting

• Parents have unrealistic expectations of the child and lack parenting knowledge

• Parent is isolated and has few supports

• Parent has a mental illness or is abusing drugs or alcohol

• Both Parents go out to work too early in the morning and come back late at night

• Parents have no training in sex education

• Parents have not trained the child about sex education

• Parents are clueless about parenting

• Parents allow the child to dress sexy

• Parents send the child to solicit fund

• Parents send the child to their boyfriend or girlfriend

Environmental Factors

• Overcrowding in the house

• Children allowed to trade, hawk or indulge in business

• War or violent environment

• Boys are allowed to sleep in the same room with girls

• An environment where sexual music is being played

• Children that are always left alone when parents go to work without any credible person to attend to them are always open to abuse

• Children allowed to attend all night parties where people drink and have sex

• Children staying with housemaids, nannies, drivers, house security guards, lesson teachers etc

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• Living around hotels or motels that allow prostitution

• Living in an environment where drug abuse and alcohol is the order of the day

• Living around red streets or red light zones where prostitution is in full display

• Poverty or lack of opportunity to improve the family’s resources

• Family violence is involved

• A non-biological adult living in the house

See Also

• The family is experiencing multiple stress

Child Factors

• Baby is sickly, colicky or unwanted

• The child has a physical or developmental disability

• The child that has speech problems can easily be open to abuse since the abuser knows the child will never be able to speak out

• The child is the product of an abusive relationship

•  The child does not get love at home

•  The child has a step-father or step-mother

•  The child is in a blended family

•  The child is always among many adults away from parents.

•  The child is an orphan

•  The child grows in an environment where alcohol and drugs flow freely

•  Lack of attachment between child and parents

Family Or Marriage Factors

•  Blended Family Situation: Where step-fathers and mothers and children from different marriages are brought together under the same roof.

• Extended Family Situation:

Where cousins, nieces, nephews, uncles, aunts etc lives together under the same roof

•  Where parents are going through stress in their marriage

•  Where parents are never married but are just live-in lovers

•  Where people in the family abuse drugs and alcohol

•  Where a family does not have a house of their own but have to stay with other families.

School Factors

• Boarding schools give a big room for sexual abuse by seniors, teachers, staff, etc

• Lesson teachers that are brought home can have a huge advantage to abuse a child too

• Children are known to be abused even on the school compound

• Some teachers do show excessive love for their pupils and do take advantage of them in the process.

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