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Actor, Sam Ajibola ‘Spiff’ Shares What It’s Like Being A New Dad

Actor, Sam Ajibola ‘Spiff’ Shares What It’s Like Being A New Dad

Nollywood star, Sam Ajibola, popularly known for his part in the TV series “The Johnsons” as Spiff, has shared what it’s like being a new dad.

Spiff who welcomed a baby boy with his wife Sandra in December, 2021, shared a short clip of himself in bed with his newborn son sleeping on his chest.

He said his life has “completely changed” since he welcomed his first child. The actor also spoke about the lack of sleep, and all he does to get his child to sleep.

He added that he appreciates all parents more now that he has experienced fatherhood.

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Read his post below…

“My Life has completely changed since I had my first kid. I mean , is this what parents go through? I now partake in daily night vigils and sleep with him during the day so I can run my shift with him at night.

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Before you get him to sleep nko? You go carry to your arms weak, you go sing, you go stand, dance and even pray for his eyes to close but the moment you are convinced that he has started sleeping and you try to lay him down so you can rest, BOOM! HIS EYES ARE WIDE OPEN AND HE IS CRYING ALL OVER AGAIN!!

I have now come to appreciate all parents more and give special kudos to those who have twins. #diaryofanewdad.”

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