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Celebrity Stylist, Ifan Michael Gets Emotional As He Narrates How His Parents Separation Led To His Sexual Abuse At Age 10

Celebrity Stylist, Ifan Michael Gets Emotional As He Narrates How His Parents Separation Led To His Sexual Abuse At Age 10

Filmmaker and celebrity stylist, Ifan Micheal, has opened up about his traumatic upbringing which saw him being sexually abused by his guardian at age of 10.

During an interview that was rather emotional with media personality, Chude Jideonwo, Michael who dominated the West African fashion scene for years as a fashion stylist and is currently one of the most influential filmmakers in Nollywood, said he was forced to leave Port Harcourt where his parents resided at age 10 after they separated.

The filmmaker said he first made for Enugu before proceeding to Lagos after a movie marketer promised him an opportunity.

Speaking further, he said he was stranded in Lagos after the said marketer became unreachable on his arrival in the state, and this led to him squatting at a brothel with a call girl who had offered to take him under her wings.

In his words:

“I knew I was diving into an industry that is very tough and I’d have to push in. I came into Lagos at the age of 10. I never had anyone at the time. I started living with a call girl named Chidinma. She had a place in Surulere.

“It was in Babajide, a call center for runs girls. She took me in because I was Igbo. I explained my situation and she felt she could take me under her wings. Yes, I grew up in a brothel. She does her job in the morning and afternoon.

“Most times, I slept late at night because she’s busy doing her stuff. She was good to me and had others she was also helping. I was with her for almost a year. Trying to find a home, I stayed with a man who sexually abused me.

“I was 10. Chidinma had started having some sort of harassment because she was lobbying me into her room after her day-to-day. It was looking like, ‘why are you having this boy here. It’s supposed to be a girls’ camp?

“They started wondering if she was sleeping with me because I was younger and it was a brothel. I saw the emotional trauma she was getting for harboring me. I thought it was best that I left. I met this movie marketer.

“I was in Enugu when I met him. He made me come to Lagos. He told me I had a beautiful movie story. On my way to the national there, I got to Lagos and his phones were switched off. At that point, my parents had separated.

“I left them in Port Harcourt to Enugu. In Enugu was where I met the marketer. The only place I had was Winnies Hotel, where movie casts always hang out. It was in Surulere. It was in that vicinity I met Chidinma.”

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Michael continues:

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“I later met this barber named Bros Ubi in whose house I moved. He allowed me into his house with the condition of being able to have stuff. He was in his 30s. He said he was going to sleep with me. I had nowhere else to go.

“It became what it was. He began to abuse me sexually. This was 2001 or 2002. I couldn’t go back to my parents. They didn’t even know if I existed. How I left Bros Ubi was him accommodating a young girl, 17 or 18.

“I couldn’t have known it was assault. I thought of him as a saving grace at the time but I did tell the girl to stop sleeping with him. She reported to him and I got chased out of the house at midnight.

“That was how I met OPC guys who flogged me thinking I was a thief. I had a scar on my back.”

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Michael started as a celebrity stylist and brand consultant, styling Omotola Jalade Ekeinde and Yvonne Nelson. In 2016, he forayed into filmmaking and produced Lotanna.

He released the film in 2017 and received an AMVCA 2018 nomination for the ‘Best Film West Africa’ category. In 2019, he co-wrote, produced, and directed Foreigners God.

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