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‘My First Child Is His 5th And I Met Him Before Other Baby Mamas’ -Annie Idibia Breaks Down In Tears As She Opens Up About Her Hubby, Tuface’s Many Mistakes 

‘My First Child Is His 5th And I Met Him Before Other Baby Mamas’ -Annie Idibia Breaks Down In Tears As She Opens Up About Her Hubby, Tuface’s Many Mistakes 

Nollywood star actress, Annie Idibia broke down in tears as she spoke expressly about how she felt after her husband, Tuface Idibia had kids with his two baby mamas while they were dating.

In an interview shared on Netflix SA, the mother-of-two who wondered how one makes a mistake twice, hinted on being humiliated and embarrassed so many times.

37-year-old Annie also revealed that her first child is Tuface’s 5th child even though she met him first before his other baby mamas.

In her words:

“When you meet someone, then you know them first and then you wake up to different people are having babies for him and then he has five different kids with other women, my first child is his fifth and I met him before everybody.

So you know what that is? You know how many humiliations and embarrassment? Damn! And I was like… man…how do you repeat the same mistake twice? It’s all pain, it hurts.”

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The reality star, however, noted as a couple, they have forever to make up for all the awful moments they’ve had in the past. She added:

“But like I always say, the good times are so much more. And I have forever with him to make up for the bad times.”

Annie and 2Face got married in May 2012 and they have two daughters, Isabella and Olivia.

However, the music star has several children from other women. The singer has two sons, Nino and Zion, with his first baby mama, Sumbo Ajaba.

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Idibia and Pero Adeniyi have three children, EhiJustin and the youngest of them all Innocent.

Sumbo is now married to a popular pastor in Lagos while Pero who recently made the news over her frosty relationship with Annie, isn’t married.

Following the interview, netizens took to social media to criticize her for lamenting her struggles in her marriage. They heavily criticized Annie for going through with the relationship despite the red lights or mistakes.

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Obehinoir: What is the mistake? Having kids with other people is not a mistake. Kids are not a mistake! I understand the hurt she feels but she is still with him and thats what she wants. We all make choices, good or bad.. we make them.

Zehmee: Are we supposed to be pity this one. She saw everything abeg. Mrs Endurance oooo

kiki__famous: You saw it coming and you still went ahead to have babies for him because of African queen?

fie_oma: Madam rest biko, y grant all this interviews, u knew what u we’re getting into, u were not forced na. One min u r praising him n the next min u r criticizing him. Stay one place abeg. When he sends u money u sing his praises n few weeks later u r saying something different, anyways what do I know

sugarbaby_mimi126: U no no before you marry him.

renne_dion: You chose to stay , so stop the BS ! Don’t start what you can’t finish. Same with people in marriages with abusive partners , you knew he /she hits you before marrying them . You chose to stay ! So stop the BS please.

mimi1_noo: You were not forced to marry him Annie and please no child is a mistake..

pami_luxuryhair: You signed up for it ! Willingly no one forced you.

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