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Joke Silva And Olu Jacobs’s Daughter In-law, Boma Blessing Makes U-turn On Marriage Crash

Joke Silva And Olu Jacobs’s Daughter In-law, Boma Blessing Makes U-turn On Marriage Crash

Blessing Boma Douglas, the daughter in law of veterans, Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva has backtracked on her statement that she has parted ways with her husband, Olusoji Jacobs.

The mother of one had on Thursday, March 31st, shocked many when she claimed that she and her hubby had broken up.

Blessing made this known during a question and answer session with her fans where she stated that her divorce is irreconcilable and can’t be repaired.

While engaging with her fans, a fan had inquired if she was still married and she shocked many when she said her marriage as hit the rock.

When another fan asked if her marriage can be repaired, she stated that what God can’t do doesn’t exist however they are not ready to patch things up. Blessing further added that she was opened to dating someone else.

Making a U turn, Blessing stated that her marriage to Olusoji is still intact and she was only joking when she made such statement.

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According to her, she was only playing pranks with her fans because of their persistent questions about her marriage.

She wrote:

“Those who know me, know that I can be quite playful, and one of the ways I like to connect with my community of followers is through my Instagram stories, a space purposefully curated to be light-hearted, serving as a virtual extension of my jovial personality.

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Now generally refrain from discussing my personal life within this space; however, after a series of incessant, and borderline insensitive inquiries about my marriage, I responded in the best way I knew I could – through humour and retorted with sarcasm.

But given how fast, far and wide the appearance of bad news can spread, I have realized the need to be more cautious in my public interactions. On that note, Soji and I are still happily married and I will not be discussing that the issue any further.

And now that that’s out of the way, please feel free to discuss some exciting news.”

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