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Trying To Get Pregnant? These Simple Tips From Dr. Harvey Olufunmilayo Will Be Useful

Trying To Get Pregnant? These Simple Tips From Dr. Harvey Olufunmilayo Will Be Useful

If you are a woman trying to conceive, you have the best chance of success if you follow these simple tips by an online medical expert, Dr. Harvey Olufunmilayo.

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“Trying to get pregnant? Simple tips: Have sex 3-4days a week If your period is every 28days, Have sex on Day 12-16 of your cycle counting first day of your last period as Day1.

NEVER smoke. NO alcohol. TAKE folic acid 5mg every day. Pls RT. You may be saving someone’s marriage.

The real trick as a couple is to understand the menstrual cycle (how far apart the periods are) for the woman. As long as the period dates are regular, You can be sure that you release an egg (ovulation) around 12-16 days before your next period. So target that window for sex.

The egg released by a woman can only survive 24 hours or so- and then it’s gone. Thankfully a man’s sperm can survive in a woman for up to 120 hours (5days). So the advice is to start having sex from Day12 all through to Day16 of your menstrual cycle to target the egg release.

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So, for many working class people out there who are always busy working but are trying to have a baby- this is how to calculate and get the job done. Couples who do this rightly, over 90% will get pregnant within one year of trying and it goes up even higher by the second year.

So how can a woman tell if she is ovulating (or the egg has been released): She may feel wetter than usual, Breasts may be bigger and feel slightly painful, she may be a little restless, she may be “horny” and unusually find herself wanting sex- Those are classic signs of it.

As I said earlier, from the time you are trying to get pregnant, you should start preparing your body for it Avoid strenuous exercises, Simple light exercises like fast walking 30mins everyday is okay, Use multivitamins and folic acid, Eat healthy, cut down junk and soft drinks.

And clearly this also mean if you are NOT trying to get pregnant- simply avoid sex on day12-16 of your cycle. And use a condom. But this write up is targeted at those who may be sometimes too busy because of work. This is how to accurately time your sex and get a baby naturally.

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But obviously, if you are 35years or more; if you have a period that is irregular in cycle length; if you have already tried getting pregnant for more than two years; if you have other medical problems and are struggling to get pregnant; Please speak to a doctor/specialist ASAP.

So apart from the above exceptions stated above, if you know any one who is trying to get pregnant, please send them this article to read. They will find it very helpful and useful on their journey to pregnancy. And if/when they do get pregnant, Pls send my congratulations!”

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