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Actress, Laide Bakare Drags Her Two Ex-Husbands To Filth For Being Deadbeat Dads

Actress, Laide Bakare Drags Her Two Ex-Husbands To Filth For Being Deadbeat Dads

Nollywood actress and movie producer, Laide Bakare has called out her ex-husbands, Alhaji Mutairu Atanda Orilowo and Olumide Okufulure accusing them of wanting to destroy her life and make her suffer.

The 41-year-old mother-of-three who has been married twice and shares two kids – boys with her second husband and a daughter with her first husband shaded them for being deadbeat.

The talented actress made the claim in a now-deleted Instagram post on Friday while celebrating her kids on Children’s Day.

According to her, the fathers of her children wanted her to suffer and for her life to be destroyed but God didn’t allow it.

The movie star who recently acquired two luxury cars; a Toyota and a Lexus, few weeks after she opened her new house, stated that she wouldn’t fight them because God has already fought her battles.

Laide and second husband.

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She wrote:

“I wouldn’t fight with you because God has already fought my battles. U that want my life to be destroyed so I wouldn’t be able to redo or repair it, God will destroy your own.

You want me to suffer without having anything to gather to eat, God will not accept it for you.”

Laide and first husband.

In an earlier post, Laide described her exes as “Awon ex-hubby isonu”. She wrote:

“Regardless of Form or content, every message is an expression of a Need, Tomorrow is children’s day, can’t wait to spoil them silly. Awon ex hubby isonu.”

Laide’s first marriage was with American-based business tycoon, Olumide, while her second marriage is with Alhaji Mutairu Atanda Orilowo.

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The Yoruba actress got married to Alhaji Mutairu in 2012 in a secret marriage and the union produced two sons. The couple however separated after he was alleged to be involved in fraudulent activities which made the EFCC declare him wanted in 2014.

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After the news went viral, Olumide took to social media to blast his ex-wife for dumping him to marry a fraudster.

He wrote:

“You see, Laide has just started. She hasn’t even reached where she’s going. She will soon leave this Alhaji because she likes a comfortable place. I heard she claims that I don’t have money. Now she’s where she can get money.

When I met her, she was driving a Celica. I bought her a 2 million Chrysler car. When she had our child, I bought a first-class ticket for her to bring our baby. I later bought Infinity Jeep that she gave her younger sibling.

When she was about to marry me, it was the money she saw. When she came to America, I bought her a 4matic Benz. Laide isn’t a good person, she is yet to see God’s wrath.”

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