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APT! Post Depression And Blossoming, Betty Irabor Drops 15 Nuggets On Tackling Depression

APT! Post Depression And Blossoming, Betty Irabor Drops 15 Nuggets On Tackling Depression

Popular Nigerian writer, publisher, and founder of Genevieve magazine, Betty Irabor, took to Instagram to share photos of herself during her battle with depression and after recovery.

In 2020, Mrs. Irabor spoke on how she was able to conquer and scale through depression for eight (8) years. She revealed that she wrote a book on what she went through during the time.

In her words:

“My battle with depression lasted 8 years. I have been out of that dark hole for some 5 years now & I wrote a book on my experience. I am fantastic thanks to my family especially hubby, God & my therapists. There’s a lot of self effort required on the journey to recovery.”

In a fresh post, the renowned publisher shared photos of herself while battling depression and another photo of herself after recovering from the trauma.

The mother of three, who has always been open about her long battle with depression, reels out ways to tackle depression as she also advises people to seek professional help if they are struggling with their mental health.

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She wrote;

“May your tests become your biggest testimony… Here are two images of me. Left is me in my 50s doing battle with depression…My dress size was US size 2 …….and right picture is me Post depression in my 60s and blossoming.

Feeling depressed, lost and out of sorts? Just look at these two images and be assured that no matter how dark the Night, it can never stop the Morning from breaking Forth. But you must be present in your own healing.

The journey to your healing may be winding and tortuous, you will survive as long you do not give up on you and you seek professional help

Giving up often looks like the best way out but trust me, you will look back one day and thank God you didn’t

Just look at me THEN and NOW… I survived that whole trauma and wrote a book and I am living my best life… This can be your story too. I would like to leave you with these nuggets

Avoid burnout and Overwhelm through self care.

Don’t cheat on your sleep.

Set realistic goals and timelines.

Learn to delegate. Set boundaries.

No one expects you to be strong all the time, It’s okay to be vulnerable.

Embrace your Authentic Self.

It’s okay to Vent.

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Keep a journal to track your thoughts, your emotions and see if there’s a pattern.

Be friends with nature.

Go out with friends and catch up.

Make Family time a priority.

Exercise? Yes please!!!

Love dogs, cats? Great idea to own one.

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Diet? Avoid junk meals, alcohol…Protect your guts..Eat to live.

Hydrate…Water “E no get enemy”.

Avoid sodas.

Learn to laugh at yourself.

Go on a digital detox. Avoid social media overload.

Build up your confidence.

Quit your job if the environment is toxic but have a Plan B first.

Adopt a Charity/CSR.

Pray. Pray. Pray.


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