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Businessman And Dad-Of-5 Pushes The Frontiers For Fathers As He Undergoes Vasectomy, Opens Up About The ‘Simple’ Procedure

Businessman And Dad-Of-5 Pushes The Frontiers For Fathers As He Undergoes Vasectomy, Opens Up About The ‘Simple’ Procedure

A businessman, Aita Joel, has undergone a vasectomy after having five kids with his wife.

Vasectomy is a surgical procedure for male sterilization or permanent contraception. During the procedure, the male vasa deferentia are cut and tied or sealed so as to prevent sperm from entering into the urethra and thereby prevent fertilization of a female through sexual intercourse.

Medical practitioners in the area of fertility control have found vasectomy to be one of the safest ways couples can prevent unwanted pregnancies.

In a Twitter thread on his handle, the entrepreneur revealed that sometimes a man has to take responsibility for birth control.

The Ugandan dad-of-five who took to Twitter to document the procedure said he chose to have a vasectomy so that he could stop having more kids and focus on caring for the ones he already has.

He then urged men to concentrate on having just as many children as they could easily care for.

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His full tweet reads:

“After birth of kid 5, I decided to end the journey and concentrate on giving them quality life. At times the man has to take responsibility of the birth control and besides a good quality life for the children can only be given to a number you can manage. It’s simple.

If you want real good education for your children, you have to pay a very good school. Definitely when a primary school charges you over 20m per term per kid.

Then you need to have a number you can manage. In my case I can manage 5. Someone else can manage ten. Another less.”

In an update, the author added,

“The process is a simple OPD operation and within hours you are jumping in the car and driving off. You can also opt to store sperm in case you have wasiwasi.”

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See his post below,

As expected, his tweet elicited varying reactions from social media users, from the menfolk especially.

See some reactions below…


I hope it’s reversible cos u might get to a point in life when you need to make kids.

@Whisper M.Ganya:

This is a bad idea. There are many other ways to control this. In South Africa recently, a government minister lost all his children and grandchildren in a horrific car accident. I will never encourage this unless if it for health reasons.

@Caroline Henya replies @Whisper:

He won’t lose his children! Stop projecting your negativity on others just because you won’t read. The procedure is reversible and you can also store your sperm in a bank if you wish not to reverse it but continue having children.


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Brother kids are gift from almighty God, I have 9 and not ashamed of my children and they school well eat well like guys on family planning, those are twins and are the 9 born.


Here is Canada, we called lunch break surgery. Why? because it is just a 45 minutes procedure. You can have it during your lunch break time. Now, l commend the man that had it done. You are smart and sensible man. Men should emulate this man. God bless you.


Somebody who is thinking straight! My own number was 2 and I helped my wife bathe, feed in the night and raise them both! I too told her our 2 kids was enough. After all we had a son and a daughter! Then she fell pregnant again! She begged to keep the child, I said no problem. God blessed us with a second daughter. But this time around I gave no support in the first few months! When our daughter woke up at night, I’d tap my wife. Your daughter is crying, I allowed her to take care of our daughter by herself. It wasn’t easy for her as she’d been used to my support. I let her know that any more babies and I will do worse! So that is how my number rose from 2 to 3. Till today she always reminds me see d blessing (our last child) that I almost didn’t want. Guys wen u born football team e no easy unless you be Dangote! School fees, holidays abroad, it’s not just small extra food for pot! They don’t remain tiny forever lol. So I didn’t take such drastic measures as a vasectomy, but we came to an agreement that we would limit our number of children.


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