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Why Male Children Should Also Be Prepared For Marriage | Music Executive, Soso Soberekon Writes To Parents

Why Male Children Should Also Be Prepared For Marriage | Music Executive, Soso Soberekon Writes To Parents

Nigerian music executive, Soso Soberekon took to his social media page to advice parents to also prepare their male children for marriage, not just their daughters as it is mostly done.

In Africa settings, parents are much more concerned about preparing their female children for marriage, neglecting their male children.

According to the talent manager, there are a lot of married men who lack home training and this could be linked to their lack of preparation from childhood.

His post reads:

“Parents must also prepare male children for marriage, not just the girl child. Many husbands lack home training.”

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Below are some reactions from Nigerians…


True talk. The reason for many divorces is that every marriage seminar by pastors is for women. They forget that marriage is for two not one. When the burden is on only one person, it doesn’t work. Women are told to fight for their marriage hence the men become irresponsible. If there is problem in the marriage, a woman will be blamed. The more it’s one sided the more the rate of divorce is increasing.

@Sarah Banogeku:

So I know someone who has developed stomach ulcers after coming to the university because everything was done for him at home. Yet he will climb your neck if you mention that those domestic chores should be known by everyone

@Naa Ayitsoe Aryee:

They know paa, they were trained but it’s the ego of being the head over a woman

@Divine-Favour Sunshine Ofori:

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This is the hard truth and reality. Many men lack basic training yet they won’t accept it because they are men.

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@Gabriel Kofi Alorwu:

And these men are trained or not trained by women who are our mothers. So who do you blame. Do you want to blame the fathers for this one too? Mothers train their sons well for marriage.



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