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Video Of IVD’s Late Wife, Bimbo, Wandering About The Market Barefoot Surfaces Online

Video Of IVD’s Late Wife, Bimbo, Wandering About The Market Barefoot Surfaces Online

An old video of businessman IVD’s late wife, Bimbo Ogbonna strolling barefoot through a marketplace has surfaced online causing speculations as to whether the family ritual rumors are true.

Recall that in a shocking revelation after Bimbo’s tragic death, a friend of hers revealed that Bimbo was allegedly involved in metaphysical activities on behalf of her husband.

Gloria Agbaosi further revealed how Bimbo had been carrying ‘demonic sacrifices’ for her husband, real name, Ikechukwu Darry Ogbonna to make him retain his wealth which consequently led to her seeing things.

She added that Bimbo will enter ‘market barefooted with scattered hair’ and when the torment leaves her, her husband will have money like mad (Read more Here).

Well in a new video shared by Gistlover, Bimbo alighted from her car and stormed the marketplace without wearing shoes.

According to the blogger, Bimbo carried out these routine sacrifices for her husband which was one of the reasons it was difficult for her to leave the marriage.

“Here is one of those days Bimbo will walk Barefooted to the market square with money in her hand during the day as part of the sacrifice routine for IVD, she goes with her camera and tell people it’s a video shoot and it’s cultural video but we wey know as the matter know.

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She will then post it herself before bloggers will say IVD wife spotted in the market place Barefooted, she dey do this during the day then help him carry the sacrifice proper at night.

She sacrificed all of this for IVD and una think say spirit of possessiveness won’t take over her when ivd wan cheat am, I will keep saying this again and again, stop tapping into all these social media I’ll gotten wealth,85 percent of them no clean, don’t be intimated by them, run your race at your own pace ,no dey look thier life take judge your own.

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Now slide 2, for those saying fifi d moon no dey do drugs and why did I involve her in this, I didn’t involve her I am just stating example of Lagos girls that needs help before we hear another R.I.P, the second slide is evidence that fifi does drugs , you see injection all over her hands and the hands is damaged too just like bimbo own , she is always hiding it.

Jaruma is another person that is heavy on drugs, she injects herself too, na why sometimes una go see her dey wear gloves up and down, Owo to baje Lori injection,Okay the frenemy has been having heart att*CK since I don mention her name, no sleep for the wicked, I have some eye witness for my dm and I will like to post all they said first before I get that one time , armu robber(armed) wife dey talk, na ogun go kee you, I resemble who you wan use open eye, e no go better for you and that your gbewiri husband, never rush, I go reach your side.”

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The blogger had earlier corroborated Kemi Olunloyo‘s claim that the late Bimbo was a drug addict. The blogger shared a video of Bimbo and wrote:

“Now here is another evidence of what I said , she damaged her own hand with injections yet C E H0E say na she dey cut herself with blade just to pepper the husband and cause trouble, how ???

Even bbo use her own mouth talk say na drug, she wanted to opt out so much but she and the husband were so addicted, na one by one I go dey correct everything wey rubber yansh talk and na with evidence, now this drug thing is what should be looked into, especially island men and women, a lot of Lagos big girls and boys now injects themselves, even fifi the moon Abi wetin be that girl name, she is also an addict , you see her with wounds all over her hand sometimes she dey bandage am, so madam rubber yansh, get your fact right , all these bandage no be beating, na pure drug effects, now to Bimbo friendnemy that posed as friend and was working with blessing rubber yansh, your own case is next , will post details about you for next post.”

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