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‘I Fathered Myself From Age 8’ – Nigerian Rapper, Erigga Blows Hot As He Berates His Entitled Father

‘I Fathered Myself From Age 8’ – Nigerian Rapper, Erigga Blows Hot As He Berates His Entitled Father

Nigerian entertainer, Erhiga Agarivbie, better known as Erigga, has caused a stir on social media over his take on having entitled parents.

Just of recent, the 36-year-old music star was a guest on the Spill with Phyna podcast, where they spoke about parents who feel entitled after the children they refused to train or cater for become successful.

According to the rapper, having entitled parents was an issue people refused to pay attention to in Africa. He noted that seeing one’s folks feeling entitled made no sense to him because they were there before him and had all the time to do great things.

Speaking further, Erigga explained how he was on the streets alone and getting involved in different unpalatable things as he wondered how it would have been if he got shot or arrested because many of his mates were either dead or in prison.

The hip-hop singer said when he was eight years old, he had already left home and was mixing with people where he learned bad things even at an early age.

He said:

“When you see parents start feeling entitled it doesn’t really make sense because you had many years ahead of me, why you no get all these things before I come? People no dey address all these things for Africa.

I was facing the streets alone and I was involved in too many things that I can’t even say on camera. And I just keep wondering what if I was shot or arrested? Because most of my peeps wey all of us dey around, many of them either dem don die or dem dey inside one side now, Sanko or Oko (prison), I was exposed to the streets.”

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He said now that he’s a popular singer, his family has started to make demands. He went on to berate his father for feeling entitled to his fortune even though he had little involvement in his upbringing.

He added that his father has been contacting him and making demands ever since he got famous. Erigga added that his stepbrothers pleaded with him to pardon their father since he had done the same to them.

He said;

“I started raising myself at the age of eight. I don commot for house, I don dey with my Gs, dey learn bad things at an early age. But then again, I fell in love with music at a very early age so I know where I wan still go in as much as I dey here.

Fast forward you now become Erigga then somebody comes and says ‘you’re not taking care of me’. I’m like ‘bro las las na relations we be o because you no father the father wey you suppose father normally. I don father myself alone and I no fit give you this credit.

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And then all my steps (siblings) dey come like ‘you gats forgive papa, no be only you e no do for’. At the end of the day, you’re only having this conversation with me because I am who I am.”

“When you see parents start feeling entitled, it doesn’t make sense because you had many years ahead of me, why didn’t make it before me? People don’t really address this entitlement mentality in Africa.

Watch him speak below…

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