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Nigerian Man Comes Under Fire After He Called Out His ‘Gen Z’ Partner For Her Inability To Cook For 70 Of His Family Members

Nigerian Man Comes Under Fire After He Called Out His ‘Gen Z’ Partner For Her Inability To Cook For 70 Of His Family Members

Nigerians on the microblogging platform X, have had their jaws wide open, after a man called out his ‘Gen z’ fiancée for her inability to cook at his family house during the festive period.

Sharing the details of the situation via an anonymous message, he noted that her partner refused to cook for 70 of his family members.

According to his message, him and his gen z partner who was just recovering from an illness, had chosen to visit his family members during the festive period.

On getting to their destination, Badagry, his partner was asked to cook white rice and vegetable sauce for him and 70 of his family members.

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The lady however flared up and left in anger after the young man informed her that the vegetable sauce she had prepared contained too much salt.

According to him ‘the lady he wanted to marry’ disgraced him in front of his family members, because she refused to cook for them.

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Ending his message, he blamed the lady’s attitude on her been a Gen z. His message however has received different reactions from netizens.

Below are some of the reactions,

@iamzaennyy: Someone that is just recovering cooked rice for 70 people and efo, you should have ask her to pound the yam. Awon molebi ofo 😂😂what happen to caterer?

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@dizboicole: The guy Dey mad 😂😂😂 70 people n u cannot call caterer? Mad people just full this world😩😩😩

@toluwaniimiii_: This is very wicked, 70 people?? God forbid nonsense people like this.

@ify_girll: Small rice for 70 people you say?? thunder fire you and everyone that’s involved in suffering that girl. Wicked man

@lara_jojoo: I can’t imagine anything in this life that wants to make me cook for 70 people. Not my father, not my mother, not a man. 70 people?????!!!

@tiwatope: Isn’t that wickedness? I feel for this lady. Even me that I am not a Gen Z, I cannot cook for that much people. 

@sola_T: I feel very sad reading this post. You and your family are very wicked. I’m sure you wouldn’t treat your sister that way. A sick woman, still on drugs…and you and your mother still wanted to make her pound yam after cooking the rice. 

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