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Mixed Reactions Trail Shade Ladipo Celebratory Message ‘Marriage Is Not An Achievement To Be Had In Your 30s’ To Rita Dominic Getting Married At 47

Mixed Reactions Trail Shade Ladipo Celebratory Message ‘Marriage Is Not An Achievement To Be Had In Your 30s’ To Rita Dominic Getting Married At 47

Nigerian media personality, Shade Ladipo, took to her Instastories last night to tell women that getting married in their 30s is not an achievement.

Shade stated this while celebrating the wedding of famous actress Rita Dominic, which took place in London on Saturday, November 26.

According to the TV girl, love is not a linear journey and women should endeavor to choose their path and embrace it with their “full chest”.

She wrote in her post,

“I think it’s important for me to emphasize how important it is that Riri is getting into her first marriage at 47 and from all accounts it’s her dream wedding.

Having a woman on ReeDee’s level do this sets the tone for future generations down the line #BestBelieve

Love is not a linear journey
Marriage is not an achievement to be had in your 30ties
Choose your path and embrace it with your full chest.

I love you RiRi and I wish you only Peace & Joy on your special day.

Let’s start to normalize the different versions of happiness.”

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Shade’s post, however generated mixed reactions as Nigerians took to the comment section to agree, disagree and state their own facts.

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She married at 47 and dat could not have been her dream. We are happy for her but that’s not a standard u should set for young women. The husband is divorced twice not a standard pointer either. They are happy and we are for them but it is not an example for our younger women. HML to them.


I don’t think this is what she chose for herself. She’d have preferred to marry and bore kids in her 20s but her destiny says otherwise. Whatever you do as a woman, endeavour to make hay while the sun shines. It’s very annoying when everyone’s a consultant on life affairs even when such people have zero life experiences to share. Ideally, a woman should bear kids whilst young coz nature has foisted a time limit on the female species.

What works for Rita might not work for Linda and vice versa. But in all these sermons, endeavour to marry and/or have kids when your body is still very strong and durable. Waiting to do these things in your late 40s is an exception to the rule and opposite to human natural inclinations.

Unless you have chosen to be childless, wisdom and nature dictate that you do it sooner rather than later. Although you can still marry in your 70s but it’s humanly impossible to carry a natural pregnancy at that age. As for Rita, all’s well that ends well and the end has justified the means in her life. I’m happy for her.


Nothing spectacular about this woman marrying at 47. It is very common in Mbaise. The cost of marriage there plays a part. Their women usually fuck the whole world before getting married. Mbaise women dey old well well before getting married. In the end not all of them marry, MOST are left out unmarried.


So marrying for the first time at 40 to a man that has been married before is ideal? Some people should just learn how to make their goodwill messages simple and straight to the point.


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Shade I truly don’t know why u had to pen this down. Maybe to make urself feel better? Marriage is a beautiful thing and everybody should do it when they feel it’s right. Yes Rita married at 47 and she seems happy. Maybe that was her plan all along.

But I am also sure Rita would have been ok marrying early, struggling with her man and having children early. She can also be happy marrying the twice recycled Fidelis when she’s 47 and making her own way. There is no competition. Marriage is an achievement for both genders if not I don’t think people will be getting married at all.


Marriage isn’t an achievement. Love fades, its friendship and companionship that keep the spark burning.


It’s an achievement for both men and women to marry before 30. If Rita is lucky to be married at that age tell me how many 47 you see getting married in a year, please women it’s achievement to get married far before 30, look at Omotola today she’s done with kids and all she and her husband do now is just enjoy, listen any future relevant person knows a lot of things must be done before 40 to enable not to suffer in old age, a woman or a man that give birth to first child at the age of 48 what’s the possibility of them seeing their grandkids?

I know God is the only one that determines what will happen tomorrow but there are things we should consider doing early in life, a man still paying school fees at 70? Or a woman still nursing baby in her 50s, Ladipo or what they call you just congratulate Rita and stop saying nonsense.

Getting married early is an achievement, congratulations to you Rita and God that did yours will also do it for every other woman out there looking forward to getting married no matter the age, please men and women it’s an achievement to get married before 30, and done with having kids before 40, especially women it’s very important don’t let one bitter single woman tell you marriage is not achievement, family, house, cars, income to sustain self and family are the reason we all are hustling everyday so which one is married in your 30s is not achievement.


Honestly I am sick and tired of this mumu talk that marriage is not an achievement. Do you even understand what marriage is “supposed” to be. Ideally, it is supposed to be a place of settlement, where body and soul find closure in someone.

Till death slots in the lacuna, you have a companion to share your success and pain, the last person standing when you are old, feeble and flabby. Now tell me isn’t that an achievement? You go just come online dey yarn dust dey burn cable for pesin.



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