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Actress Empress Njamah’s ‘Fiancé’ Speaks Up About Their Engagement Scandal 

Actress Empress Njamah’s ‘Fiancé’ Speaks Up About Their Engagement Scandal 

Empress Njamah‘s ‘fiancé’ has made some damaging claims about the actress while disclosing that his engagement to her is over.

On Thursday, December 15, a video of the 42-year-old talented actress displaying an engagement ring with the caption “finally off the market” was shared on her Instagram page.

Friends and celebrities trooped to the comment section to congratulate her on her engagement. However, the engagement had already been called off before the post was made.

Also, the engagement post was not made by Empress but by her fiancé, Josh “Babybrother” Wade, who already took control of her Instagram account.

According to Josh Wade in a message sent to a popular blog, he proposed to Empress on August 18, 2022, with a ring worth $49,800 and they were about to get married but he ended the engagement over alleged infidelity and fraud.

He alleged that Empress duped him of his money and was also cheating on him with other men.

Josh further claimed that Empress collected money from him under the guise of investing in oil business, but she was giving the money to another man she was allegedly in a relationship with.

He claimed to be in possession of a sex tape between Empress and the man.

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However, when Empress was contacted, she revealed that Wade gained access into her life when she was vulnerable from the death of actress Ada Ameh and he took advantage of her vulnerability to allegedly dupe and blackmail her.

She admitted that Wade has an intimate video of her but says he is the one in the video with her, not another man as he claims.

Empress said he filmed it in her house without her knowledge but hid his face.

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She admitted that he beat her and abused her in her home and she was his victim until she worked up the courage to run.

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She further revealed that the DSS is now involved because Wade, who is a Liberian, allegedly does the same to other Nigerian women he perceives as wealthy.

In a new development, Wade issued threats to Njamah, adding that he knows her day-to-day activities.

Wade, in the now-viral video, also told the movie star that she doesn’t know “what’s coming” for her. He was quoted:

“You actually don’t know what’s coming. Trust me, I swear to God you don’t know what’s coming. Everything that I said to you, I think you consider it to be a joke.

“But trust me it’s not a joke. I know your day-to-day activities. I know everything you do on a daily basis. Your office in Akira, your office in this, your office in that. Everything. I know absolutely everything. Thank you.”

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