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Celebrity Dad, Crazeclown Sparks Serious Discussion With His Submission: ‘You Have Failed As A Mother If Your Son Prioritizes You Over His Wife’

Celebrity Dad, Crazeclown Sparks Serious Discussion With His Submission: ‘You Have Failed As A Mother If Your Son Prioritizes You Over His Wife’

Nigerian comedian, Emmanuel Iwueke popularly known as Crazeclown, has stated that a mother has failed if her son prioritizes her over his wife.

The the comic skit maker and proud dad-of-one, who got married to his wife, Jojo, in September 2021, took to Twitter to make this submission on Sunday, January 15.

The popular Instagram comedian tweeted,

“As a Mother, if your son prioritize you over his wife then you’ve failed as a Mother. 🙃

See screenshot below,

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His tweet has sparked differing opinions on social media as some people agreed with him, while others disagreed with reasons.

@Hanks wrote:

Once you’re married, your nuclear family becomes the priority. You should still love and care for your parents but your partner comes first. Otherwise, marry your mother.

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So many ignorant people in comment section that don’t know marriage yet they’ll get married. a mother should be in her husband’s house or if she’s single, get a husband, she shouldn’t use her son or stop another woman from experiencing her own. When your parents where your age, the country was good and they were enjoying, jobs were available, it’s their generation that have REFUSED to leave power and let us lead.


A good mother will tell you your wife first and a good wife will also tell you mother first. Situation will determine who’ll come first between the both.


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I don’t think this is hard, people seem not to understand him…u love both but order of priority! My Dad placed my mum 1st above any other person, I place my wife 1st! I love them both but my wife comes 1st! He is right!


None of them is supposed to be prioritized over another, they have their places and they’re not supposed to be replaced or interchanged. Wife is also a mother and a mother is a wife too.

@Chidi Emma:

It’s not a matter of priority, rather due respect. These are 2 different people, one’s mother isn’t his wife and the wife isn’t his mother. They should be loved accordingly, the man should be able to put either of them in her place which a lot of men ain’t doing. One must not encroach into the other.
Pardon me to say this, women easily misconstrue and misunderstand things, for example; if a man’s mother is old and sick and the man so caring the wife might become indignant. In the other hand, if a man loves his wife so much some mothers may feel jealous. In either case the man gotta man up.

@Paterson Ozokwere: Chidi Emma Isitor you are just being evasive….The bible clearly states that a man leaves his father and mother and cling to his wife and they become one.

Your wife is at the top of your priority list….. Sikena.

@Iyoha Eromosele Fidelis:

The position of a wife, in most cases, automatically supersedes that of a mother because there is a paradigm shift in responsibilities. I will explain.
The man has left his comfort zone to start a new world with a total stranger. He is forever tied to this stranger and he begins to build new things with her. There is more communication with her, they go on holidays, to church, supermarket, Cinema etc. They bear children and suddenly the most tasking responsibility hovers around them. When anyone one them is embattled, the other one is the first to respond. Suddenly, they trust and depend on each other that they become almost inseparable.
Having said that, the man doesn’t place this new woman above the mother, the man is just more familiar with this new woman. He loves and respect his mother for the care and nurture over the years but he has a new path. He is so focused on that path so much that the new woman becomes a threat to the mother’s position.
The mother was once in the new woman’s position and she understands the situation. Mothers who are not selfish know this and try to be supportive and are always there in times of turbulence but the selfish ones always try to make issues out of it.
P.S. my writeup completely excludes any abused marriage. If either of the party is making life difficult for each other, it is best to call it a day.

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