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Nigerian Man Comes Under Fire After Revealing Why He Occasionally Stops His Wife From Visiting Her Parents

Nigerian Man Comes Under Fire After Revealing Why He Occasionally Stops His Wife From Visiting Her Parents

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to reveal why he occasionally stops his wife from paying a visit to her parents.

The man, identified as Oistien van Mowo, explained that his wife had formed the habit of visiting her mother all the time because they live in the same city.

According to him, whenever he travels out of town for the weekend, his wife usually grabs the opportunity to visit her parents, which does not sit well with him.

Mowo, who describes himself as a traditional man, said the frequent visits didn’t sit well with him so he decided to halt the visits.

He said he has stopped her on a few occasions, and it’s his own way of creating balance in his home.

“I have stopped my wife once or twice from visit her parent. Her mum lives in same city as we do, the first time of stopping her from going was because she was making it too frequent and any time I am out of town over the weekend, she’s ready to run off. Trying to cut a daughter off from her parent is different to trying to balance things in your home.”

He added:

“There is a difference between cutting off and saying No just once or twice in a union of years. Reread my statement again if you don’t mind ma’am. Only Narcissistic men tries to cut off their wives from their family.”

While most men supported his action, women came hard on him.

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@Khan: Stopping your wife from visiting her family is the height of it. No healthy marriage houses such.

@Happiness Obianuju23: Lmaooo. This doesn’t make any sense. She will do so by her own will, she’s an adult. My mum is the last born. She said she used her hand to lessened how she goes to her family house by herself. Tbh trying to cut her off from her parents is abusive and manipulative Biko.

@Unyime: We have a saying in my village “na from clap den dey take enter dance….. so you stopped her asin infringed on her freedom of movement and association? Why wasn’t dialogue on the table?

@Mowo replied: Oh you thought stopping her involves locking her down?  Dialogue is when you voice your reservation and she obliges you. Same way I oblige her when she sites her reservation. Because we are used to reading abuse we view things from abuse perspective so I understand.

@Diego: Women feed off attention. Its just how they are built. They stay were de find love…if you think going to her mom’s place is an issue when you leave for the weekend… she’ll find that attention somewhere else…

@Mowo replied: If saying No just once or twice is enough for the woman to seek attention somewhere then she may not really be in the union properly.

We speak to her mama everyday, visit her 2-3 times a week. Guess saying “Baby no, not today” once or twice is abusive and controlling? People have been preconditioned to seeing abuse as it happens often, even when its not in this case.

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@Henry: He has his reasons and knows what he’s trying to protect. its better to stop what you can’t control in your home, or allow it and it gets to a level where you can hardly have a say.

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