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Filmmaker/Dad, Austin Faani Reveals A Major Reason Why Marriages Don’t Stand The Test Of Time

Filmmaker/Dad, Austin Faani Reveals A Major Reason Why Marriages Don’t Stand The Test Of Time

Popular Nollywood filmmaker, Austin Faani, has stated that abuse is not the only reason people run out of their marriages.

Taking to the microblogging platform, Twitter, the dad of four who is married to actress, ChaCha Eke Faani, revealed a major reason why marriages don’t stand the test of time.

According to Mr Faani, another marriage-ending factor beyond sexual abuse or any type of abuse is the ideologies of a partner.

He further stated that people with unchanging ideologies and beliefs in Zodiac signs and refusal to change a certain behavior were also grounds for a marriage to end.

He tweeted:

“Most people think sex abuse or abuse of any kind are the only major factors that end marriages. Wait till you see where spouse’s ideologies dey dance legwork. Ndi “this is who I am” I’m Virgo, I am cancerously Sagittarius. I am like this and like that.”

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As expected, Netizens took to the comments section to agree with Austin’s assertion. While some noted that ideologies lead to emotional and physical abuse, others said Zodiac signs don’t justify one’s true character.

@Pascal Amanfo: I wish they know!!!! I just wish they know!! A staunch difference in perception and ideology can be cancerous!

@Unique Presh: Ndi Zodiac nonsense I swear that thing can be annoying.

@Jummie: I don’t believe in zodiac signs. People be hiding under it to exhibit their toxic traits.

@Banks: I don’t know why people even take these zodiac signs serious. Person wey dem train well no get any business with signs mumu nah mumu who mature mature. Coexistence nahim matter pass inside marriage. I often say these things inside marriage friendship they more important than love. Love fit fade. But if couples develop true friendship, that’s what will take them through the test of time and then the love will be the only thing wey fit Dey make dem nak once once.

@Jefflinks: I have said this severally, marry someone with your kinda ideology or something close. A lot causes frustration and the worse of it all is refusal to adjust or change. We can’t excuse bad behavior with ‘ That’s who I am’.

@Grilly: People with bad behaviour and home training will attach it to innocent SCORPION.

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@Naija Baker: People always excusing bad behavior using zodiac signs. Ndi I am temperamental because I am a fire whatever, control your anger and rage.

@As it is: Well that’s a whole new level to the discussion. But it’s a strong point when you look at how some couples are incompatible, you’ll find out that there’s suffering in marriage and it doesn’t have to do with lack of money or infidelity.

@Anonymous: Well, zodiac signs doesn’t lie. It’s just that it is not the sole decider of a successful marriage. If one end up with someone he or she is 99. 9% compatible according to zodiac signs, there’s as well 99. 9% certainty that the marriage will still have it ups and downs.

What zodiac does is to makes it easy for each sides to go through the tough times without much stress. Mindset is the major decider. Being with somebody that share the same mindset as you is the great decider of a successful marriage. I dated an Aquarius- a star sign known to be the worst girlfriend, it was a beautiful relationship, we hardly fight and do settle immediately we have one. But at the end of it all, we broke up because she’s more traditional about religion than I am. From my research about a Sag and an Aquarius dating, its stated already that we get to be less likely incompatible if one is more traditional about faith. So zodiac signs does not lie. Mindset is the most important, the signs will only help get someone which you kinda share the same mindset. Still you can still get someone not your zodiac compatibility but share your kind of mindset.

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