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Relationships: Media Personality, Akwari Charles Writes About Why Nigerian Men Prefer Unemployed Ladies | Do You Agree?

Relationships: Media Personality, Akwari Charles Writes About Why Nigerian Men Prefer Unemployed Ladies | Do You Agree?

Nigerian media personality, Akwari Charles, has shared his thoughts on Nigerian men and how clueless they are in loving a woman who is not after their money.

According to Charles, Nigerian men have no idea how to love women who don’t care about their financial stability properly.

He backed up his claim by sharing that most Nigerian men are not affectionate. They don’t give their women enough attention neither are they the romantic type.

He added that all of the attributes are what women love the most in men, and since they don’t have it, they use their money as leverage, which is why they can’t date a financially stable woman. Hence, they go for their safest option, unemployed women.

In his words:

“Most Nigerian men are clueless on how to love a woman who is not after financial gains. They don’t pay attention to cues, they’re not romantic, they’re not affectionate, and they’re terrible lovers to women who are financially stable. That’s why they flock around the unemployed ones.”

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See the original tweet below:

Netizens also shared their reactions:

@Uncle Sola:

I agree with you. However, This strong female Nigerian in the screenshot narrative explains why men are least interested in loving women who are financially stable. They have been bullied for decades by women into loving broke women.

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This thing ehn. I was still saying it yesterday, I’m not after money, be more expressive. Let me feel it.


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Hahahah yes o. Men and hypogamy. That is why I laugh when they say they want independent women. I ask ‘ can u keep up ‘ All they can offer is money and if the person ain’t asking for money, they don’t know what else to do.


This is why I find most Nigerian men unromantic. Terrible lovers, those ones.


Many Nigerian women will come here and agree…. But please oo, how can I express love and be romantic without Money?? Is there a shop I can enter and pick gifts for free?? Or is there an eatery we can go every weekend to eat for free?? Let’s not be hypocrites abeg.


My dilemma… I am not asking you to fund my lifestyle. Just pay attention and really care … I guess that’s equally too much to ask for.


If they finally have the balls to go after one, they’ll use sexual desire to pursue the woman & now cite “she is too proud or won’t submit” as reason for breakup.

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