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Heartbroken Woman Seeks Wise Counsel On How To Handle Her Verbally Abusive Parents

Heartbroken Woman Seeks Wise Counsel On How To Handle Her Verbally Abusive Parents

A young Nigerian woman, Opara Onyekachi Favour, has taken to social media to seek counsel on how to handle her verbally abusive parents.

In a post she shared on a Facebook group on Friday, February 17, the heartbroken lady claimed her parents constantly abuse her verbally, calling her a failure, a possessed child, and other derogatory names.

Although she says she tries not to be affected by their words, they often come back to hurt her when she’s alone.

She asked people who have had similar experiences with their parents in the past for the best way to handle the situation.

She wrote:

“Please, I need advice. How do u deal with parents who constantly abuse u verbally call u failure , possessed child, bad spirit many names I can’t remember. I try not to allow it affect me but sometimes when I am alone and think of it I get hurt. Please share your experience if u are facing same or u have experienced it before??”

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Reacting with their sad experiences:

@Blessing wrote:

I also had a similar experience when I was growing up. Because I was short, my mum constantly refered to it and that killed my my spirit. She will always call me small, that my mates were better than me academically and all sorts. Back in the days, I used to believe everyone else was better than me and I suffered from very low self esteem. But I eventually turned out good and have a successful life today. But somehow, these things still affect me till today.

@Jude added:

Focus on the right things in your life, except you are really possessed. If you are not. Why worry? As a man, can a doctor say I am pregnant and I’ll become worried? First forgive them, then Focus on your success and your future.


Speak positively into your life. One positive word from your own mouth concerning your life will work wonders in your life. Father or mother or soothsayer or diviner or whatnot have NO power over your life. And stop thinking about the past. Whatever they have said in the past, have no power over your future. Believe it and so shall it be.


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Don’t disrespect them. Rather, begin to walk spiritually and try to find out the circumstances that surround your birth and life. You may be surprised at what you will find out. Ask other family members for this info if you can. If it is something you can amend or change, please do. If not, just respectfully keep a distance for your sanity and begin to walk more with God. He will guide you. It is well.


The answer na therapy, being self-sufficient and independent. You must pave a way for yourself fast. Acquire a skillset fast and escape their abuses and manipulations. It will be hard and rough but you have to understand it’s better than being depressed, anxious, and suicidal. I’m Igbo, also I have been subjected to three decades of narcissistic abuse also. I have been strip off of my self esteem and worth. I’m working on my confidence, I’m into a personal management course. U need therapy more than anything. If u don’t work on yourself u will inflict the same abuses on your husband and your offspring and people in your circle.


Those parents must be illiterates. That’s the way they were treated by their own parents, so they think that’s the way to relate with their kids. They had no education to correct their mindset. Please, sit them down and talk to them, tell them how their actions are affecting you. And request they take back their words and thereafter bless you. You need your parents’ blessings to remain confident in life.




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