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Stakeholders Highlight Major Factors Contributing To High Rate Of Divorce In Nigeria

Stakeholders Highlight Major Factors Contributing To High Rate Of Divorce In Nigeria

Some of the major factors contributing to the high rate of divorce in the country have been identified by some stakeholders.

The stakeholders, in separate interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria, identified infidelity, lack of trust, barrenness, as the major reasons for the collapse of many marriages in Nigeria.

One of them, the chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria, Plateau chapter, Mr Polycarp Lubo, added that mutual suspicion, irresponsibility and lack of mutual respect could also be part of the reasons for divorce.

According to him, sin is now the order of the day while lots of people no longer value their marriage oaths. He said that the country’s economic situation might also be a contributory factor to divorce rate.

In his words:

“The family as the smallest unit has lots to do in grooming young adults for marriages and if that is ignored, the foundation can be affected. Parents should instill moral values in their children.

“God is the solution to all problems, including divorce and so doing things in His way is the solution.”

On his part, Justice Yahaya Mohammed, of Plateau Sharia Court of Appeal, noted that some of the causes of divorce could be finance and high expectations that could not be met.

He added that neglect, poor communication and lack of love in the marriage could lead to infidelity in marriage.

Justice Muhammed then advised intended couples to possess good communication skills and love in order to tackle the challenges that could lead to divorce.

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He revealed that “Some women went into marriage with very high expectations while some men concealed their true economic status from women to gain acceptance.”

The justice therefore advised couples to ensure transparency in marriage and be honest in their relationship with their spouses.

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Also, Mrs Vivian Abara, of Peace Advancement Action against Violence and Rape Foundation, an NGO, said it was regrettable that infidelity had been twisted. She said:

“In those days, infidelity was a taboo but now, it is celebrated by some people, as they give reasons for cheating on their partners.”

Mrs Abara urged married people to be contented with their partners, practice what would promote love and help them bond better. She added that couples should be mature enough before going into marriage.

Also, Mrs Ngozi Eze, a divorcee, claimed that she divorced her husband because he was allegedly cheating on her.

In her view, a housewife, Mrs Mary Utah, said that Nigerians believed that only men could be unfaithful.

Utah added that society should frown on infidelity, regardless of who might be involved in the act, adding that it was a sin against God and man

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