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Actress Sarah Martins Reflects On Her Failed Marriage Despite Marrying At 19 And As A Virgin

Actress Sarah Martins Reflects On Her Failed Marriage Despite Marrying At 19 And As A Virgin

Popular Nollywood actress, Sarah Martins has taken to social media to reflect on her failed marriage.

In a recent post, the screen diva hinted that she was once married. Sarah, who was embroiled in a controversy involving her colleague friend, Judy Austin and May Yul Edochie, wife of actor, Yul Edochie, revealed she got married to her ex-husband at the age of 19 and as a virgin.

She said she believed so much in love at that time until she got played by her ex-husband. The entertainer further noted that as a result of the experience, she now puts happiness and peace of mind before any man’s emotions.

Speaking further, she added that her love is transactional.

“I used to believe so much in love until I got played by my ex husband whom I married at the age of 19 as a virgin. Ever since then, my happiness and peace of mind comes first before considering any man’s heart and emotions.

YES, my love is TRANSACTIONAL. (You give me love I give you peace)! Happy International woman’s day to a STRONG GIRL…❤️.”

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Sarah, who recently expressed her displeasure over the rate of infidelity in marriages, said what attracts her to a man is the man’s kind heart and giving nature. She said:

“ A giver, be a giver, continue to be a giver and never stop being a giver. Every giver has a very special place in my heart and every giver is specially created by God.”

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While the actress declined further comment on her crashed marriage, it is pertinent to note that she has no misgivings about polygamy as she succinctly declared in a previous interview with another medium.

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According to Sarah, it is never a taboo for an African man to have many wives. She declares,

“Back in the days, our fathers and forefathers used to be married to many wives and they all lived in peace and harmony. Yes, I support polygamy, especially when the man does his fatherly roles to the children from both parties.

To be honest, Nigerians are petty. They know the truth but they chose to dwell in a pity party. When has it been a taboo for an African man to marry more than one wife?”

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