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‘I Saw All The Signs But I Still Married Him’ -Actress Foluke Daramola Opens Up On First Marriage 

‘I Saw All The Signs But I Still Married Him’ -Actress Foluke Daramola Opens Up On First Marriage 

Nigerian actress, Foluke DaramolaSalako has for the first time opened up on her first marriage and what led to its crash.

Speaking with the ladies of Your View on TVC about red flags in relationships, the movie star revealed that while she was dating her ex husband, she saw all the signs of abuse, like anger and monitoring her every move, but she still decided to get married to him.

Foluke stated that her partner was rushing her into marriage and since she wanted to get married because of peer pressure, she jumped into it.

The mother of two further disclosed that she got a broken sim on her wedding night as her husband asked her to cut her sim.

The Nollywood star also added that she couldn’t speak up about the abuse because she was worried about what people would do or say. She said:

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“When I wanted to enter my first marriage, the sign was there even though my partner was rushing me into marriage and I was like my friends were getting married.

All the signs were there. Anger issues. My first experience was on my wedding night. I got a broken sim because I had to change to a new sim.

I saw the signs of abuse and anger but I overlooked them. I had to stay there because of what people would say.”

Foluke who is now married to a politician, Kayode Salako also revealed that she lost her virginity through rape.

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As such, she developed hatred for sex and saw it as a punishment, but her first husband didn’t bother about her plight and wanted it every day. To her, she saw having sex as ‘beating’ and was always scared of going home.

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In her words:

“I lost my virginity through rape, so sex to me was punishment and the person I got married to wanted it every time. It felt like he was beating me.”


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