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This Interesting Thread Of Twitter Users Sharing How They Met Their Better Halves Will Melt Your Heart

This Interesting Thread Of Twitter Users Sharing How They Met Their Better Halves Will Melt Your Heart

Some Twitter users have shared interesting stories of how they met their partners. These stories are sure to tug at your heartstrings and leave you with happy tears.

Truly, love has a way of finding us when we least expect it. It can come in different forms and at various points in our lives. Whether we are prepared or caught off guard, the stories behind most relationships are always so beautiful.

From meeting online, to being set up, to a little something called fate, here’s how some Twitter users met their partners.

It all started when a Twitter user asked couples to share how they met their spouses, and one lady replied stating that she met her husband inside a Danfo bus. Another man said that he met his wife of 10 years at a JAMB center.

Here’s the tweet that started the conversation:

“Couples… don’t all speak at once but… how did you meet your other half? Indulge me I’m a romantic!”

And the heartwarming stories begin…


She drove past me on the highway & flipped me the bird because I’d cut her & her friend off. We “car flirted” for about 15 minutes before I handed her my number through her window while still doing like 60km/h. Together 14 years, married 8, 2 kids. Retold our story at our wedding.

@Con Artist:

Worked together on a shoot and it just felt so right – we remained friends and then 2 years later we both split up from our partners and found each other. Our creative brains are extremely compatible, it’s a beautiful thing!


He’d been sharing my content for years until I noticed. He finally slid in my DMs after buying my first book. He’s in , I’m in. We ended up Face Timing daily. Within 4weeks he flew out to me. It’s been over 1year now and we travel almost monthly. So glad I wrote the book!!!

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Admittedly it started as a whirlwind romance but the shared values and emotional intimacy was there so I didn’t worry. I literally let my guard down 100% with him. People thought I was crazy!!! But it paid off and I wouldn’t change a thing. That’s the LOML right there!”

@Lil’ Monster:

We met in the comment section and we planned to meet up some day at Kyadondo. We danced the whole night, got drunk and got wasted. It’s now Oba how long and the rest is history.


After months of us first seeing each other in a Nando’s, I fell across her YouTube videos and DM’d her about a vid she uploaded. We exchanged numbers and met up after a few weeks. Fell in love!! I proposed 6 months later, we’ve been married for nearly 6 years and have 2 girls!

@lazy creator:

We met at @fireboydml concert; while “What if I Say” was on, I looked across the crowd, and my eyes met with his; I will say it was love at first sight, we made our way through the crowd, and the rest is history. And I got a ring last night. Thank you, #fireboy.

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