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Empress Njamah Speaks Out On Ex-fiancé, ‘Notorious Scammer’ Josh Wade’s Arrest: ‘I May Have Lost My Entire Savings, Valuables But… ‘

Empress Njamah Speaks Out On Ex-fiancé, ‘Notorious Scammer’ Josh Wade’s Arrest: ‘I May Have Lost My Entire Savings, Valuables But… ‘

Nollywood actress, Empress Njamah has expressed so much joy as her estranged lover, Josh Wade is finally arrested.

The Liberian police had earlier confirmed the arrest of Nicholas Jack Davies, the ex-fiancé of the Nigerian actress, who was accused of blackmailing and leaking her intimate videos a few months ago.

The police chief, who spoke during a press conference in Liberia, revealed that Davies is a notorious scammer who targets wealthy women, enters into romantic relationships with them, and ultimately dupes them of their fortunes.

Taking to her Instagram page to share photos of her in police uniform, Empress bragged about how one can’t touch a child of grace without getting disgraced.

She admonished her fans and followers to never underestimate the power of prayer and to talk less and do more.

Addressing the females in the house, she told them never to be ashamed of telling their stories as women are strong and can’t change narratives.

Despite losing her entire savings, car, international passport, and other valuables, Empress said she is still grateful that she didn’t lose her life in .

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“When you touch a child of grace, you will be disgraced, never underestimate the power of prayer, talk less, and do more. Never be ashamed to tell your story, women are strong beings, hypocrites make una rest, and one strong woman can change the narrative.

Walk with your head up high, he without sin cast the first stone. To all the victims I encouraged to speak out, you are all heroes, so many are victims but vultures on social media won’t allow them to speak out.

Fake people everywhere, I set a lot free. That’s my joy, I may have lost my entire savings, car, international passport (with visas) valuables but not my life…

Our stories will be told someday, we are superwomen. Today the world showed that true love exists. This is just the beginning, if I have the love of 88 percent the remaining 2 percent this victory is for you ONLY A FOOL WILL SAY THERE IS NO GOD.

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We move, thanks for the genuine love so far, women you are strong, am not the type to chase clout and you know this. I have a lot to say and educate most of you but with time una go get sense, I will never take this LOVE for granted… Am off to make more arrests and I never failed.”

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You will recall that the Nigerian actress had accused Davies, who went by the name Josh Wade in Nigeria, of taking over her social media account, physically abusing her, and making intimate videos of her, which he used to blackmail her.

Empress claimed that Davies came into her life disguised as a lover at a time she was vulnerable following the death of her best friend, Ada Ameh.

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