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Embattled Lady Calls Out Her Mom For Threatening To Disown Her | You Will Be Shocked At Her Reasons As You Read On!

Embattled Lady Calls Out Her Mom For Threatening To Disown Her | You Will Be Shocked At Her Reasons As You Read On!

Embattled 33-year-old lady has narrated her ordeal at the hands of her mother who vowed to disown her over the intention to go into a grocery business.

The Europe-based lady, identified as Chioma Brown, took to TikTok to share her experience with her mother who she claims is never satisfied with anything she does.

Chioma disclosed that she had a toxic relationship with her biological mother while growing up and had always tried to please and do her biddings, but she doesn’t care anymore.

Following her decision to start an online grocery store business, her mother was extremely disappointed and berated her for wanting to sell groceries, despite holding a law degree.

According to Chioma, her mother is constantly on her neck to get married while comparing her with her friend’s children.

Chioma, who has since blocked her mother on social media, said her sister sent her screenshots of the hurtful comments her mother made about her in their family group chat.

In the chat, the mother shamed Chioma for not having a child yet at 33 and accused her of wanting to ridicule her in society.

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The message reads;

“You better shut up there you brat! I’ve been quiet long enough and I’ve had enough of this nonsense.
Chioma is bent on disgracing me and dragging my name through the mud.

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No child of mine would be a grocery seller I don’t care, and if she carries on with that disgrace of a business idea, she is not my daughter!

I’ve been quiet enough and l’ve been letting her do whatever she wants. A 33 year old woman with no child but what she wants to do with her life now is to be selling groceries.

When her younger niece are giving birth to their second children. Isn’t that a disgrace?
How will I face my friends, and tell them my daughter who went abroad to study law now sells food stuff.


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