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Man Left Totally Confused As Wife Becomes Pregnant Again Despite Him Undergoing A Vasectomy

Man Left Totally Confused As Wife Becomes Pregnant Again Despite Him Undergoing A Vasectomy

A Kenyan man identified as Medgclay Salano, has been left perplexed after his wife, Beryl, got pregnant again despite his previous vasectomy procedure.

The 36-year-old husband revealed in a recent interview that he decided to undergo a vasectomy after their attempts to prevent a third pregnancy failed.

He said he went under the knife in July 2022 at a hospital in Navakholo, and the procedure was funded by a non-governmental organization.

His words,

“We thought about other family planning methods and in most cases, when you think of that, you always think about women.

My wife has been using contraceptives since she was 21 years when we got married. I felt it was a burden to her. So we said what can we do to have a long-term solution, she proposed a vasectomy and we agree on that. I was very free with it, and I felt it was my responsibility as a man.

Doctors did a permanent and irreversible process. The vasectomy was done on July 12, 2022, at the time, doctors assured me that I would be safe after 20 ejaculations which is about three months.”

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However, he was taken aback when his wife conceived again in spite of the vasectomy procedure. When she initially missed her period, they both attributed it to hormonal issues or irregular cycles.

In December, they decided to visit a hospital for a pregnancy test, which confirmed that his wife was indeed pregnant. Despite the unexpected turn of events, they both decided to keep the pregnancy, which is due in June.

Meanwhile, doctors say his wife may have conceived again because there were sperms left inside his ducts or the vasectomy procedure failed.

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