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Actress Stella Damasus Comes For Parents Who Put Their Children On A Leash, Nigerians React

Actress Stella Damasus Comes For Parents Who Put Their Children On A Leash, Nigerians React

Veteran Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus has taken to social media to share her disapproval with the practice of parents using leashes on their children.

In a video shared via her Instagram page, the Nigerian-born entertainer based in the United States of America, said parents should stop putting their kids on a leash because they are not animals.

The 45-year-old mother of two stated that no matter how problematic or badly behaved a child is, it’s not ideal for them to put on a leash.

The singer encouraged parents to seek the help of professionals or therapists in order to address their children’s behavior, rather than resorting to using a leash.

She revealed that she has been seeing parents leashing their children to protect them from wandering off and she’s not pleased with it therefore, she had to talk about it.

The 45-year-old thespian captioned the video,

“I just had to speak up. Been seeing this happen and people just walk away like it’s nothing. This CANNOT be NORMALIZED.”

However, her opinion elicits reactions from different people who feel it is wrong for her to say something like that without understanding from the parent who uses leashes on their children’s perspective.

Respectfully speaking against Damasus’ post, actress, Efe Irele stated that it is unfair to judge parents without understanding the reasons for their actions.

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Citing a personal experience, Efe disclosed that she has a 27-year-old brother living with autism and it was difficult to take him out in public without the leash when he was younger.

The talented entertainer added that parents should be allowed to choose the perfect way to protect and deal with their child without being judged.

@joy_chyka: “Don’t judge what you don’t understand. If you have a child who is ADHD or you have met a child with ADHD you speak differently”
@king_solomon3: “I appreciate your sentiments on this but I must state that this is a case of personal preference. It is intended to me inhumane and many families use it to save lives of children. Imagine walking on the sidewalk and your hyperactive kid runs into the road. Just because it’s not the case for you or the people you know, does not mean it’s not the case for others.
Please understand that one solution for you may not work for others. This situation is more so the imagery of a dog on a leash in your mind than it is in practicality. I’ve seen leashes that are connected to a vest. These things are like safety harnesses for kids. If you go on a plane, amusement park, bunji jumping, etc you are strapped to a harness and sometimes a leash. Again, it’s the visual of a dog on a leash that brings this emotional reaction for some people, not that the leash does anything to hurt the child. I come in peace 🙏🏾

@amanzeato: “With all due respect, I don’t think it’s right for you to say this. What if a parent wants to go to the mall or go to a grocery store with their child who is a flight risk, should they leave them at home if they have no one to watch them? Because they have issues? There are specific leashes made for children. If you don’t have a kid who is as you say problematic, don’t judge because you’re not in that parent’s shoes.

No parent would ever want to treat their child as a dog. It’s wrong. Im very sure they see doctors and therapists who encourage them to take their kids out and if keeping their kids on a leash will keep their kids safe when they go out, then they should do it. I think before you make a comment like this you should talk to mothers who have kids on the spectrum, who have kids with ADHD, and other problematic issues as you called them and see their struggles trying to have a normal life with that child before you say something like this.”

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