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Davido’s Alleged French Pregnant Side Chick Gives Update On Her Pregnancy

Davido’s Alleged French Pregnant Side Chick Gives Update On Her Pregnancy

Ivanna Bay, the French lady claiming to be pregnant for Nigerian music star, Davido, has given an update on her health and pregnancy status.

This is coming days after crying out for help that she woke up with stomach pain, while also bleeding constantly.

In a recent update, the alleged pregnant side chick revealed that she’s been told that she’s having an ectopic pregnancy  or a miscarriage.

Crying out, the real estate agent lamented over how her body is failing her and she can do nothing to stop it.

In a message to her rival, Anita Brown, and others, she noted how many are rejoicing over her plight.

“Here’s your update…

Bc you won’t see me coming crying on the internet no way! They told me that I am either doing an ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage.

My body is failing me and there’s nothing I can do. I hope those who wish me hell are happy now. You won.”

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A few days back, Ivanna had cried for help as she bled. The businessman who was in emergency, shared her plight on her Instagram story calling for help.

The French beauty revealed that she woke up with the biggest pain in her stomach and her entire body while she kept bleeding.

“I just woke up with the biggest pain ever in my stomach but I can feel it through my entire body…

While I keep bleeding I can’t stop crying right now…

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I am going to the emergency.”

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Reacting to it, Anita Brown, the alleged pregnant American side chick of Davido, had laid a strong allegation against her.

The US entrepreneur revealed that Ivanna Bay has had a miscarriage. She claimed that it was abortion as Davido put her out there on purpose.

She tweeted,

“The lady in Paris had a miscarriage. Yeah, ok. She was pregnant and had an abortion! David put her out there on purpose smh. Please stop”.

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