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Nigerian Man Recounts Challenging Experience Abroad That Forced Him And Wife To Return Home: ‘Relocating Will Test You In Different Ways’ 

Nigerian Man Recounts Challenging Experience Abroad That Forced Him And Wife To Return Home: ‘Relocating Will Test You In Different Ways’ 

A Nigerian man has recounted how he and his wife were forced to return to their home country after relocating abroad in search of greener pastures.

In a candid social media post he titled “The Relocation Story You Don’t Get Told,” the man identified as Shamseddin Giwa revealed that he and his wife had moved abroad years ago with high hopes of a brighter future.

However, their expectations were shattered as they encountered unforeseen challenges. He narrated:

“This was us several years back as a young couple looking for better life abroad. The dream was good, the intentions were good and we had enough to start.

“We just didn’t have enough information of how challenging it would get. We started life in a single room within a shared flat where we even got told when we could use the washing machine or turn on the heater (even in winter).”

Speaking further, Mr Giwa noted that when things didn’t seem to get better, and it became difficult to live averagely, they made the hard decision to return to Nigeria and start over.

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He continued:

“The jobs were demeaning and always tiring but the poor exchange rate of my home currency gave a false sense of deception that one was earning good but the reality was different. Even with both our incomes, it was difficult to live averagely. Note: we were way better than others here!

At least we were together but extreme work rota meant we barely got to spend time together, marriage strained. Now imagine many had their spouses back home and their marriages went through worse.

Always at the mercy of the home office that was always changing immigration policies, one never truly felt settled. In the end, we returned back home and quietly started over, together.”

Reflecting on their experience years later, Giwa expressed gratitude for their decision to come back to Nigeria, as they have achieved everything they once sought abroad.

Advising those considering relocating abroad, Giwa stressed the importance of thorough research and having a solid exit plan in case things don’t go as planned.

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Now imagine many still stuck, illegally living, unable to work for standard rates, unable to even rent a place in their name, unable to open an account, unable to have peace of mind and always apprehensive of law enforcement, unable to grow yet unable to return home!

What’s the point? Relocating will test you and your marriage in different ways. Please be sure before you copy anyone and sell all you have to move. However, if you find yourself stuck, have a good exit plan even if it means coming back home to start over.

Many people and marriages are breaking due to the pressure unplanned. Don’t go this route, do your findings well, your home depends on it.” He wrote.

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