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‘My Previous Marriage Ended Before I Met Him’ – Actress, Judy Austin Fumes As She Opens Up On The Scandal Surrounding Her Marriage To Yul Edochie

‘My Previous Marriage Ended Before I Met Him’ – Actress, Judy Austin Fumes As She Opens Up On The Scandal Surrounding Her Marriage To Yul Edochie

The second wife of Yul EdochieJudy Austin has opened up on her first marriage with her former husband, Mr Obasi.

In a Facebook live she had this night, July 18, Judy, who recently welcomed a second child with Yul, dismissed claims that she met and began an affair with the actor while she was still married to her ex-husband.

It would be recalled that Instagram vlogger Cutie Juls shared a chat sent to her by Judy’s former husband, Mr Obasi.

In the chat, Mr. Obasi claimed that his wife has denied him seeing their children and also mentioned that Judy left him because of Yul. He added that the actor helped Judy to take away their children and other properties.

Speaking about her marriage with Mr. Obasi in a Facebook live, Judy said her previous marriage ended in March 2013 and that she met Yul Edochie years later.

In her defence, Judy said if indeed she began an affair with Yul while she was still married, let all the curses heaped on her, happen a billion times, but if not, let all the curses fall on those accusing her.

Addressing the claim, Judy added;

“That is the fattest lie ever told about me on social media and I am going to elaborate more. My previous marriage ended in March 2013 and I saw Yul Edochie for the very first time years after my marriage ended.

I repeat, my previous marriage ended in March 2013 and I set my eyes on Yul Edochie for the first time years after that marriage ended.

I saw him years after my marriage was completely dissolved. So anyone saying otherwise, they are planning lying.

If I saw Yul while in that marriage, let all the curses and insults that people have been heaping on me, let it happen to me a billion over but if for any reason I did not see Yul with my eyes years after my marriage was dissolved, then let all the curses go back to the people laying the curses a billion times over.”

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She also said she will be exposing her married colleagues who engage in adultery. She threatened to expose all the wrongdoers pretending to be saints in the Nollywood film industry.

She stated this in a video posted on her husband Yul Edochie’s Facebook page, while addressing those who have vilified her for marrying and welcoming two children with the actor, despite his first marriage to May Yul-Edochie.

She said in the last six months, she has gathered evidence against those that have been attacking her and will be exposing them.

According to Judy, she has had enough of the criticisms and backlash she has been subjected to in the past year, and wants to expose other Nollywood stars for who they really are. She threatened to call out the married actresses who are closeted lesbians and pimps in the movie industry.

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She added that anyone she exposes should take it in good faith because she is tired of her colleagues behaving like saints while she is being demonized on social media, whereas they all have skeletons in their cupboards.

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Nigerians have since given divergent reactions to her post. Read below…

@Anonymous: This girl is crazy and lacks sense. Is Yul marriage dissolved when you start to entangle with him? Is Yul still married when you start to have an affair with him? Why did you destroy another woman’s marriage? A queen NEVER builds happiness in another woman’s home. You are shameless and reckless. Since you started this entanglement with Yul, you just dey collect wotowotooo every week. Peace eludes you.

@Alima: This is a stupid deflection. Can she answer why she knew that Yul was married to a fellow woman with children and ended up marrying him after having a child with him illegitimately?

@Brainy: This woman is seriously pathetic, the more she talks the more moronic she comes across. You encouraged that fool Yul to constitute a nuisance on SM shortly after his son’s death, like who does that?? Even if he’s too daft to know what time of mourning means, you as a woman, couldn’t you have cautioned him not to behave like he was behaving? Instead you were right there by his side encouraging him to keep acting a fool to the entire world. If it was you who lost your child how would you feel seeing your child’s father going on SM to sing and gyrate? I don’t give a flying fuck how many wives he chooses to marry but see that one he did to his son is unpardonable, that boy’s spirit will worry the two of you for life. The boy had no wife , no children, he only had his siblings, his mother and father to honour his memory on earth, but Yul’s blind lust did not let him have sense. I just pity the two of you because you can both keep explaining and throwing blames left and right but you see that peace ehn, it will be very far from you.


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