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Why This Nigerian Dad Is Kicking Against Women Allowing Their Husbands Into Delivery Rooms, Shares His Experience

Why This Nigerian Dad Is Kicking Against Women Allowing Their Husbands Into Delivery Rooms, Shares His Experience

A Nigerian man and dad has shared the aftermath of his experience after going into the delivery room with his pregnant wife.

He then went on to kick against women allowing their husbands go into the delivery rooms with them. According to the man, watching his wife birthing their child destroyed his sex life with her.

The man disclosed this on an Instagram page while responding to the comment left by a woman who kicked against wives allowing their husbands into the labour room to watch them give birth.

The lady argued that such an experience leaves men traumatized and that women should not allow it.

While agreeing with her opinion, the man said that this happened to him and that it has scarred his relationship with his wife, as he cannot see himself touching his wife after he watched her birthing their child.

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See his comment below…

mama_heavenly had shared:

“This is one thing women do without realizing the implications! Don’t ever allow your husband in the room while you are giving birth. It traumatizes them, some of them gets scarred for life and may never touch you again cos they don’t want you to go through same pain again.

My friend is still begging her husband to touch her almost 3 years after she gave birth, the man is still traumatized and doesn’t even want to go close to her. They can wait in the waiting room! It’s not easy to see a whole human come out of your pum pum!”

Responding, Elishajboy said:

“It destroyed my sex life with my wife, I don’t even touch her any longer. I wish I was never there. I hate the fact I experienced that thing.”

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@Adaku added:

Stay close to the woman’s head comforting her, that’s what my husband did 3 times and our sex life is fine. I wouldn’t want to see my bits with a baby coming out, why would any sane man be looking at that? Being in the delivery room is to comfort your partner, not to watch a horror movie.

@Johnson wrote:

It depends on the mindset of individuals. I’m years in marriage and I swear before heaven and earth that I never had sex outside my wife since we got married, and I was in during the birth of my all my children. My sex life with her was not affected in any way. There are uncountable men I know that never accompanied their wives to the labor room but involve in extra marital activities.


I think this is so true they allowed me in when my wife was having our first child I think the thick blood I saw impacted in me negatively towards our sex life. Though I was there for my second and third child, I never went in with her.

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