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‘Kindness Is Not Enough Reason To Marry A Man’ – Divorcee Writes As She Dishes Advice To Single Women

‘Kindness Is Not Enough Reason To Marry A Man’ – Divorcee Writes As She Dishes Advice To Single Women

A divorced Nigerian woman has opined that the fact that a man is kind is not enough reason to marry him.

@Rene_noire shared this opinion while giving out advice to intending couples. A lady on the microblogging platform, X, had asked married people to share advice to those looking at getting married.

Responding, Rene revealed that kindness was not enough of a reason to marry a man if he did not possess other core qualities. She wrote:

“I’m divorced so it’s up to you if you listen or not.

1. Whatever you accept while dating will get worse once you get married.

2. If he’s mean to his family, you’re in for a ride

3. KINDNESS IS NOT ENOUGH. I know the bar is low but if a man being kind is enough to sway you then you’re in trouble. Does he have the core qualities you value in a man, i don’t mean a perfect man but a man who ticks most of the CORE qualities.

4. If you’re desperate to get married you’ll do anything and take anything to stay married.

5. Compromise is key, don’t expect a perfect man, work with a man who’s willing to listen and grow with you.

There’s more but I’ll stop here.”

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When asked to expantiate on why kindness is not enough for a woman to marry a man, she wrote;

“The reason why kindness isn’t enough is this…
1. A kind person might not share the same values and principles as you
2. A kind person may not love life the way you do.
3. A kind person may not fuck you the way you wanna be fucked
4. A kind person may be racist, a bigot , homophobic etc
Do you get it now?”

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