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Update: Lady Drags Nigerian Man Who Claimed His Ex-wife Tore Their Marriage Certificate 6 Weeks After Wedding

Update: Lady Drags Nigerian Man Who Claimed His Ex-wife Tore Their Marriage Certificate 6 Weeks After Wedding

A Nigerian lady has dragged man who had gone online to recount how his ex-wife had torn their marriage certificate, six weeks into their marriage.

The Nigerian man identified as Morningstar@kingg Elyon had gone online to lament over his failed marriage with ex-wife and how it had culminated in her tearing their marriage certificate to pieces.

The young man had caused a stir online after sharing the approach he took to punish his wife for going to the gym at 7 a.m. instead of making breakfast for her mother-in-law who visited them 6 weeks into their marriage.

While sharing snapshots of their Whatsapp conversation, the Twitter user revealed that he felt offended that his wife abandoned his mother in the house while she went to the gym first thing in the morning.

He, however, involved his family and one of his brothers stated that the wife ‘now irritates them’ and that she is free to try another man. Sadly, the marriage later packed up.

In a follow up tweet, the embittered man recounted how his ex-wife tore their marriage certificate to pieces six weeks after they got married because he ignored her for two days.

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In his account, he explained that his marriage with his ex-wife had been plagued with fights and it had got so intense that she had been locked up in a police station after they got into another fight.

He added that the last time he saw her was when she came to pack her load with her boyfriend.

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However, another lady identified as Elsie Godwin who appears to know the man, took to the platform to tell her own side of the story.

Sharing the other ‘side of the story’, Elsie accused him of beating his wife, adding that he should be in jail.

“Weyrey woman beater! I woke up to your gist in my DM. Were you beating your ex wife or not? The mf calls it “correction”. He corrected her cos “he didn’t like what she was wearing”. Your allegedly bleached self came here to talk shit about marriage when you should be in jail,”
she wrote in reaction to his post.

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