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26 Years And Counting! The Akenbors List Five Principles That Make Successful Marriages

26 Years And Counting! The Akenbors List Five Principles That Make Successful Marriages

General Overseer and Founder of God’s Greater Grace General Assembly International, Rev. Sunny Akenbor and his wife, Pastor Amen, have been married for about 26 years.

In a chat with Daily Sun in Benin, the couple who are blessed with four kids, list five principles that make marriages to be successful as forgiveness, understanding, patience, love and commitment.

How did you meet your wife?

Rev Sunny: We met 26 years ago. I was praying for a wife to marry. Though I had a girl that I was supposed to marry before, along the way, something happened that we parted at that time. I was now believing God for a wife. 

I was praying and fasting. We knew each other before when she was coming to our house at Esigie, but for three, four years, we didn’t see each other again.

She went to school. But that eventful day, we just met at New Benin and immediately I got the conviction that, ‘this is your wife.’ We greeted each other. That was in the month of December. 

During the Christmas day, I went to their house and I met her at home. On that day, we just discussed about relationships. She then said let’s keep praying and believing God. Gradually, she went to school. She was attending Auchi Polytechnic and she was a final year student.

And any time she came from school, she would visit me. We kept on building the relationship like that. That was how it resulted to marriage.

Madam, how did he propose to you?

Pastor Amen: I knew him before through my late cousin. I was also in a relationship before but the person was not a Christian, he belongs to Grail Message. So, my mother was not comfortable with me going into a relationship like that. She discouraged me. Then it happened that we were having a programme in our local church then. Then, I was training under Pastor Mrs Ehai.

So, they set that day aside and said it was a festive period and all spinsters should gather in the church to do a programme, fast, just tell God the kind of husband you want. Then, in the evening they decided to send me to go and get food at New Benin Market.

So, on my way at the Four Junctions, I just met him. He asked me to stop. He was just asking me questions and I couldn’t play any pranks because I had been fasting. When I got to church I told my friend. She is also a pastor’s wife now. She is based in the UK, Sister Esther.

I said Sister Esther, see what happened. She said, you don’t know if this is your husband and that God has answered your prayers. We laughed over it and we left. So, I was surprised in December, he came to our house. I was at home after church. He said he just came to visit us.

So, I was just uncomfortable. You know, in my house, I don’t have that freedom that somebody would just come to your house. So, he now made friends with my elder brother’s wife and also my immediate younger brother. They became close.

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