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‘Marriage Will Teach You That Women Are Never Wrong’ -Married Man, Solomon Buchi Says As He Shares A List For All Intending Husbands

‘Marriage Will Teach You That Women Are Never Wrong’ -Married Man, Solomon Buchi Says As He Shares A List For All Intending Husbands

Relationship expert, Solomon Buchi recently took to his Instagram platform to share an invaluable wisdom to all couples-to-be.

Buchi, who tied the knot with his long-term lover earlier this year, shared a list of ten insights, shedding light on the sacrifices and considerations that men may need to embrace as they embark on their marital journey.

One of the life’s coach’s major point centers on the notion that in marriage, women are “never wrong.”

Buchi encourages men to be receptive to their partners’ perspectives.

Below is the full list compiled by Buchi…

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Marriage will teach you that:

  1. You’ll forgive your wife in two seconds, but she’ll need 3-5 working days to process your forgiveness.
  2. When your wife gives a shopping suggestion or recommends something to buy, you just agree. Do same and you’ll have to example to her why y’all need it, if the price is justifiable, etc
  3. Women are never wrong. Just apologize and have a happy home.
  4. If your wife causes you guys to go out late, it’s okay. Be the cause of lateness, hell will rise
  5. When your wife is stressed, your presence annoys her. Don’t disappear either, just… I-honestly-don’t-know
  6. Allowing your wife take out the trash means you’re a bad husband. But if she allows you cook and clean, she’s responsible
  7. Women will ask you to bathe first, so they’ll have time to sleep more. If you don’t bathe first, the day’s lateness will be blamed on you.
  8. Your double bed is 80% your wife’s and 20% yours, so it’s okay to fall off and sleep on the floor. Wives always own the larger portion of the bed.
  9. As a man, when you’re pooing is one of the best times you can use as quiet-time away from the trouble you married.
  10. You may be the head of the home, but many times you’ll feel like her errand boy. The day you stop running errands, trouble sets in
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