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‘Marriages Last When The Man Realises He’s The Dumb One’ -Married Men Write As They Share How Much Value Their Wives Bring

‘Marriages Last When The Man Realises He’s The Dumb One’ -Married Men Write As They Share How Much Value Their Wives Bring

A number of married men have gone on X to recount how their wives have kept them from making bad decisions.

Some of the men pointed out how their spouse’s “special intuition” saved them from making poor decisions.

Others narrated how they regretted the few decisions they made when they didn’t listen to their wives. They also pointed out how they trust their wives to be better judge of characters.

One @mattduhon wrote:

“My wife is WAY smarter than me. I’ve heard that marriages actually last when the man realizes that he is the dumb one”

Another, @sweatystartup added:

“Women have a special intuition men don’t have. My wife saved my ass from some dumb decisions and helped me double down on the good ones. She has a spider sense and is really good at reading people.”

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@Binta wrote:

Some Naija men with such women will say she want to control me. Some women have a very strong intuition that can smell a rat miles away. Most men see only black and white but some women see rainbow colours laced with magenta colour.

@Andi added:

Most of these men writing about their wives are whites people, and not from Africa. African ladies will contest with you immediately they got to know that they’re the smarter ones and they are the goose laying the golden eggs. Their families would advise them either ways. They would start raising their shoulders and disrespecting you. Some would go to the point of divorcing you for a better man or some would call police on you if you’re In abroad.

@Akanni added:

Look at enlightened white men praising their wives for what they bring to the table. Not one person spoke about virginity or proposing on one knee or any other useless topic that black men dwell on. Meanwhile my useless African brothers will be talking about a woman not wearing white on her wedding day if she isn’t a virgin, or thinking materially when they ask what a woman is bringing to the table.

You see that intuition and character judgement that women have, it is priceless! Ask the men who have benefited from it. When you ask these african men what they want the women to bring to the table, they can’t answer. God bless all men that truly appreciate their wives like all those white men in the social media posts. African men, stop chasing the wrong kind of women. If you are with a dumb materialistic woman, it is because that is what you have chosen for yourself. There are still good women out there. Stop looking at ass and brezz only. Then you will meet wise women with brains, women who will love you for who you are and truly want your progress.


Most men will go and pay millions to learn what their wife can tell them over dinner. When wahala now happens based on the advice that they did not take from their wife, they make it worse by hiding it from her instead of opening up when things begin to go south. When it is too late, she ends up finding out and then they RESENT their wife for being right all along. Women, just do you and try to make yourself happy. Wise men know that every head needs a body and backbone to move forward in life. No matter the size or shape or education of your wife or body, she is important and you need her or else you can expect to be a head rolling about on the floor and kicked around because you think your body has nothing to offer. So head, keep on rubbishing what your wife has to say and and just see how far you can go without your body.


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