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Singer, Mohbad’s Wife Breaks Silence Following Controversies Surrounding Husband’s Death: ‘DNA Test Is A Must’

Singer, Mohbad’s Wife Breaks Silence Following Controversies Surrounding Husband’s Death: ‘DNA Test Is A Must’

Omawunmi, the widowed wife of late Nigerian singer, Ileriouluwa Oladimeji Aloba famously known as Mohbad, has finally broken her silence on the several allegations leveled against her.

Following the shocking death of Mohbad, his properties and how they would be shared became a topic of public discussion after his family members were filmed at his gravesite plotting about it.

Also, since the news of her husband’s demise, many have been pointing accusing fingers at his widow’s wife for allegedly having a hand in the singer’s death.

From her late husband’s father to his aunty and then his friends, all have been pointing accusing fingers at her.

Soon, there were calls from some quarters to conduct a DNA test on Wunmi’s child to be sure it belongs to the late singer. This DNA matter has divided Nigerians.

Wunmi has maintained her silence so far, but she has now spoken. The young mom-of-one also reacted to speculations about her child’s paternity.

Now speaking out to Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo, Wunmi stated that she decided not to speak on anything until November 7th, which is the Coroner’s Inquest.

Giving her reasons, she stated that she doesn’t want any side distraction and all she wants is justice for her husband which she believes the Nigerian government is working on.

She added that after everything, she will either grant an interview or tell her side of the story before the world and about the DNA, she said it is “definitely a must”.

“I have decided not to speak on anything until November 7 which is the coroner inquest because I do not want any side distraction.

All I want is Justice for my husband which I believe the Nigeria government is working on. After everything, I’ll either grant an interview or tell my own story before the whole world, and also, DNA is definitely a must!!!”.

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This comes days after her father-in-law, during the coroner’s Inquest, which was set up to look into the circumstances of Mohbad’s death, claimed that his wife was unfaithful to him and was even putting sleeping pills in his noodles.

His father stated that he doesn’t trust her, especially since all of the singer’s properties are in her mother’s name. In his words:

“Wunmi was a very unfaithful wife to my son. My son told me that she used to put sleeping pills in noodles for him and she would go and sleep with a signee in another room in the same house they were living.

I don’t trust Wunmi one bit. He told me that all the documents of his landed property were in the possession of Wunmi’s mother till today.

He came to visit me three days after his death. Concerning his neck that was bent in the casket, I didn’t know about it because I was not at the burial. It was later I saw the pictures”.

Speaking on his relationship with his deceased son, he disclosed that they had lived together for 18 years and had never fallen sick before.

He stated that Mohbad left the house when he was old enough and started assisting Naira Marley and had even opened up to him when they had issues. He added:

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“Mohbad and I lived together for 18 good years. He has never fallen sick. I only took him to a chemist when he was 16 to treat rashes.

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He left the house at the age of consent and began to assist Naira Marley while embarking on his career in music. When he started making it, he talked to me about reconciling with his mum which I did.

He was happy and he bought me a car for this. When issues happened between him and Naira, he told me he would handle it.”

Similarly, one of the late singer’s friends, Micee had alleged that Omawunmi was a lesbian and was having an affair with the late singer’s female manager.

He even alleged that Mohbad knew of the affair as he had videos of them in the act, which his manager boldly sent to him.

Micee added that his wife and others are trying to hide stuff and out of fear, he refused to mention names.

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To add to the list, Mohbad’s mother’s sister, in a video that made rounds revealed that she had visited their home and had seen blood-soaked clothes which left her baffled.

Probing her, she declared that if Omowunmi had any hand in the singer’s death, she wouldn’t go scott-free as she laid heavy curses on her.


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