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Nigerian Mum Breaks Silence Following Claims Of Divorcing Her Husband Upon Arrival In UK

Nigerian Mum Breaks Silence Following Claims Of Divorcing Her Husband Upon Arrival In UK

A young Nigerian woman, who was accused of abandoning her husband after he arrived in the UK, has shared her own side of the story.

She went on to state her reasons for taking such drastic measures.

Reports had circulated regarding the man in question facing possible deportation in the UK after his wife revoked his dependency status.

It was also alleged that the man sold all his belongings to sponsor his wife’s relocation to the UK for study in 2022, with the intention of joining her later with their children as her dependents.

However, upon their arrival in the UK in October, he was shocked when his wife took their children and their passports and informed him that their marriage was over.

As it stands, the man is presently stranded without a means to stay in the UK and has been given until January 2024 to leave the country, or he will be deported.

The news quickly went viral online and sparked a lot of reactions from netizens, with many criticizing the woman and others advising men against taking their wives abroad.

Well, the woman in question has gone online to share a lengthy post, narrating her ordeal in the hands of her husband whom she identified as Henry Osah. She accused him of physically and emotionally abusing her at the slightest provocation in Nigeria.

She recounted how he allegedly beat her up when she was 8-month pregnant with their second child, and how she lost her third pregnancy at 6 weeks.

According to her, she knew the only way she could save herself and her children was to relocate abroad, which she successfully did.

She went on to debunk claims that he sponsored her relocation to the UK, stating that he didn’t contribute a dime to her relocation plans.

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Read her full post below,

“I have taken and endured a lot of physical, emotional, psychological, and mental abuse from Henry Osah. My ordeal started in early October 2016 when I was 8 months pregnant with our son (our second child).

Henry wanted to travel to Ekiti for his friend’s wedding, who’s new wife was from Ekiti, but we were managing and struggling financially. I felt every kobo we could feed with would be of great help considering we had a daughter 1 year 7 months at the time, and we were expecting a baby soon, a boy.

I was a final year student, I asked that we saved the money he would use for traveling to a wedding as we didn’t even have money to feed well at home, this led to an argument that escalated really quickly.

The next thing he beat me up at 8 months pregnant, with his knee on my tummy. This was the first time, so he begged and pleaded with me, I forgave him and I told no soul about it.

I didn’t feel my baby move for 3 days after the beating and I was scared, I felt the worst had happened to my baby and I cried for 3 days that my baby had died.

I took myself to the hospital to do a scan, found out my baby was alive with a faint heartbeat due to the trauma, I kept bleeding and stayed in silence with it because he begged me to keep it silent. I was dying slowly.”

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Friends corroborated the story, accusing the husband of domestic abuse:


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